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 Skinned up stowe yesterday with are our Epic and Dave M. to near the top and skied North Slope the supposed opening route. Long story short pretty thin down low, pretty good on top. snow was edge able on my way oversized touring skis.

Kinda of thin down low

Dave making a call to see if anyone wants to Golf

Pretty solid Base near the top, this is the first time I have skied on east where there was snow up high with NOTHING in the valleys.

Lots of people out having fun today

Gaperific top photo, hey it was my first time on snow this season!

Spruce and the Notch nearing sunset

Its pretty good snow on the way down Dave pretty much just kills it.

Epic needs to wait for the camera man;)

so wheres everyone skiing this weekend? I cant ski at Stowe even if they open but I need to ski a lift so I can actually get the skiing part of the equation down, from all the Mountain biking and running I have done skinning was super easy and actually kinda of fun.

Killington? Jay Peak? Sunday River? I am leaning towards Killington myself most likely on sunday.