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Best East Coast Ski In/Ski Out

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I am new here but great forum. I am looking for the best mt prob mid Jan with good affordable lodging. Was looking at Killington {Cascade hotel}and{Mountain Inn} being that they were affordable and very close to the mountain. 500 yrd away is that even walking distance with skis? If anyone has any recomendations or opinions I welcome them. I noticed some places have outdoor heated pools which is kinda of what Im looking for with a 12 pack. Oh I ski well its been a while but.....last thing Im only going with the woman{ thats what the beer is for } so I guess there is no way I could find anything affordable that is ski in/ski out anywhere at all that is decent???. Thanks in advance, great site! Danny. Oh and does anyone know how the shuttle is in Killington, for example If I stayed at a place a mile or two away could I possible go back to my roon for lunch and get back to the mountain in a reasonable amount of time? Thanks again fellas.
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I've always like the accommodations at Smuggs.

Given it will be Jan, there are many slope-side ski-in/ski-out and heated outdoor pool opportunities. Most units have in-room spa. And, great skiing too IMHO.
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Sunday River is my usual choice for East Coast ski in-ski out.  C and B sports tours sometimes has special pricing (but not likely in January)
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Sugarloaf, try to stay in Sugar tree 1 or sugartree 2 thats where the pool and outdoor hot tubs are,
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I would recommend looking at Tremblant Village. It is a long drive but in my opinion well worth it if you can stay for at least 3+ nights. They have started to promote a last minute booking option similar to "Priceline." I have only stayed at "Le Tour de Voyeguer." There is a hot tub and sauna and this time of the year has fewer people. Most rooms have a full kitchen and fireplace. My recommendation does not consider the total cost of the accommodations but more to the total experience of the trip.

There are two extensive groomed XC trail systems. One connects from the hotel. Great Micro-bewery and Off-site spa called La Scandenave(sp). This is not a fancy spa bit more of a spa built next to a river with a very informal feeling and low cost for the use of the saunas and hot tubs.

The village does not have the soul and history of a New England ski trip but more of a trip to a French speaking country populated with laid back French loggers in and Intrawest village. If you go to some of the little towns to eat you will find the real nice locals vibe.

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If you would like I can hook you up with ski on ski off accomodations at Killington.  Pm me and we can come together. 
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Sugarloaf for skiing and reasonable prices.  See condo recommendations above or stay at the Inn (cheaper and near pool) or hotel (has a couple hot tubs I think and is a tad closer to dining).

Tremblant for skiing and village with shops and restaurants.  You'll need a passport for Canada.  Try to book a condo direct with an owner; it will be much cheaper. is the place to go for info.
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