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Hunter or Windham Dec. 6th

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I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed reaaaaallll tight that they'll be able to make enough snow for some good trails to open. It'd be great to get in some turns before ESA Stowe.

Anyone wanna go? I'll buy gas and/or beer if you're kind enough to give a ride to a car-less Bear from NYC!
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I think very very few NYS ski areas are open at this time. Even WF is just tentatively opening this coming w/e. Gore opened over T'Day w/e but is closed during the week.
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yeah, i'm not holding my breath, just constantly checking back on Hunter's and Windham's respective Conditions pages. It's sort of 50/50 right now, it seems. A man can dream, though! 
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 oh, home! I heard from my parents today that windham changed their expected open date, however that may be wrong. I don't believe they'll be open on saturday, which to me means it's doubtful for sunday.  I'll be there come winter break!
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Yeah, Hunter's not opening this weekend, and last I checked, Windham is trying desperately for Sunday, but we'll see. Should have good snow by the time you get back for break!
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Not Windham either.  Maybe Belleayre?
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nope no belleayre either
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I dunno - according to their website they haven't ruled it out yet.
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 They are getting snow now, and both places are pumpin it out!

I'd hold off until next week.
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Nice job by Belleayre opening today.  Hopefully someone here gets out there.
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 saw pics of all the new snow at windham, hopefully they'll be able to make up for the time loss in more trails open?
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