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Krypton Pro Sizing

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 Just wondering if anything knows anything about Krypton Pro sizing? I've heard that the 27.0 is the same last as a 27.5, only with a thinner liner. The reason I'm wondering is because of availability, the 27.5 isn't available from where I'll be getting them from but that is the size I've tried on and I can't find anywhere that stocks a 27.0.
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 27.0 shell = 27.5 shell - it's just a minute difference in the liners - and the Intuition liners stretch during fitting.  Philpug may be around to provide more detail, but I'm fairly certain that you shouldn't worry about the liner.  Be absolutely sure that the 27 is the right shell size for you (should be around a 1/2" length gap when shell fitting).
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