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Buying ski boots, please HELP

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Hi all:

I am an intermmediate skier, 6"1 195lbs....after spending a few nights in the ski shop I settled on the following boots (listed in the comfort order, the first is the most comfortable):

1. Dalbello Surge,  2009, Flex 110
2. Dalbello Proton 9,  2010, Flex 90
3. Head Mojo, 2009, Flex 100
4. Nordica Sport Machine 12,  2009, Flex 75-85

Dalbello Surge appear to be the most comfortable, but I am concerned about stiffness...is 110 to much for intermmediate skier ? plus, everywhere on the Net it says that Dalbello Surge is for advanced to expert skier.

Please, advice.
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Did anyone even bother to shell fit you?  If not, run, don't walk, to your nearest competent boot fitter.  This is a classic mistake made by many beginning and intermediate skiers (even a few experts who probably won't admit it).  Boots are the one piece of gear that you shouldn't "bargain" shop for - they're just too critical.
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What do u mean under shell fit ? They did a number of things with the shell and said they can fit whatever I want...they can even make the boot softer if needed....They claim they can fit other boots (listed below Surge)  to be comfortable...My question: should I go with the Surge or pick other boot and have it fitted for me ?
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Shell fit = remove the liner, put your foot in the boot shell (preferably on a footbed), and check how much space is between your foot and the shell (no liner involved).
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BTW - the flex values mean absolutely nothing across different boot manufacturers.  They're only relative within a single maker.  Also keep in mind that a boot at room temp (especially a 2-piece overlap style) will flex very differently on the mountain in the cold.

I also advise you to ignore the manufacturer's idea on what boot is for what type of skier - it's a lame old idea that they all still hang onto - the idea that a soft boot is for beginners and a super stiff boot is for experts.  That was true in the days of old straight skis, but has much less bearing today.  Your goal is to just find the boot that fits you properly.  Typically lower end boots have wider lasts for "comfort" and upper end boots are narrower.  So if you have narrow feet, but are a beginner/intermediate the worst thing you can do to yourself is "chicken out" of the better fitting narrower boot because the manufacturer is billing it as an 'expert' boot.  Hogwash.
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yes, they did shell fit
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My concern that anywhere I look on the Web it says (for Dalbello) flex 100+ is foe advanced/experts and the model itself targets advanced/experts....Will I be over my skis :) with this boot ?
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Thank you very much for ur advice.
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Don't worry about the flex rating of the boot.  You are pushing 200 lbs. and won't have any problem flexing any of these boots.  

You need to worry more about if the boot really fits you or not.  Comfortable in the store usually means the boot is too big for you.  A boot that fits will be tight in the store because the liner hasn't packed out yet.  

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Sorry, I am not familiar with those dalbelo models, but the dalbelo MX are $69 on internet.  I really like mine.
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