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Hi, I have been skiing Volkls for along time. I moved down from a 210 GS Race Ski that I was skiing in Killington for along time to a P60 GC 173 and really loved the ski except when I was wicking it up. Then I bought a 182 and it was great up North.

I ended up back close to home joining the Ski Patrol at Shawnee Mountain in PA, great bunch of people, very cool!

I have been reading a lot of reviews about the 10' Tiger Shark with the power switch and without. The P60 has the sick edge grip that I love, but skiing all day they get tiring after awhile. Will I be happy with this ski in a 173 for patrolling? Will it still have the edge grip in the bullet proof and not make me as tired as the P60?

I want a ski that I can tow a toboggan, rip around the hill, not have it noodle out and hold on the ice. Am I asking to much? If this isn't the ski I should be looking at, then which one?
I am 6'1" and weigh 260 lbs.

I am open to any ski? Thanks,

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I have the 12ft in a 175 and love it. I am 5'9" 165lbs, and they work wonders. By far my favourite do-it-all ski here in NH. If you keep them tuned well, they will rip through anything just like your GS skis. They perform perfectly during those low snowfall days, and have very little fatigue on the legs. I'd say if you were patrolling somewhere around here a 12ft would do better, but since you are over there, the 10ft should be fine for you.
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Rise to the top, thank you for your reply, this very helpful.

Does anyone else have any experiance with the Volkl 10' Tigershark?


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The 10 has excellent edge grip and is relatively easy to ski.  I skied the 168 at a demo and liked them.  I weigh 185.  I have seen some patrollers with them in PA.  The switch does work. 
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Check out the LibTech NAS Freeride. That MagneTraction works great on ice. I ride on the Pow Recurve and don't get chattery or anything out west here. I know east is much more firm though...
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I patrol at Jay Peak in Vermont and have been skiing on Volkl Mantras for five seasons.  I'm on my second pair, because I started on the 177 and wanted something longer, so I'm on the 184s now and they're hands down the best all purpose ski I've even been on.  If you email me directly with your NSP ID number, I can get you a proform for anything Volkl/Marker.
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djtnut, I sent you an e-mail. Thanks,

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