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Its come down to these two skis...I want a ski that I can throw around a bit, but be able to charge powder and crud quite well, and on weekends where i only want to bring one ski i also want it to do a little bit of park.

The little known/mentioned brother of the S7 (same construction and features), the S3 looks like a great ski on paper. The seth has been a long time fav of many and is keeping up with the times by including regular camber and a rocker.

I know that the S3 is 98mm and the Seth is 105mm but I wonder how important that is when the S3 has a bigger rocker and reverse sidecut on tip and tail. The seth is a notorious noodle and I am not sure it will stand up too well in the crud and higher speeds on the groomers. It is also a big no no in the park, while the s3 is a 50% park ski.

Your thoughts on the comparison...