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WTB: your rossignol 4s

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to make a short story, after seeing my dad rocking  these for years while I was a kid and then throwin them in the dumpster, i figured it was my time to rock these beauties. So, anyone got some of these (no girlie lenghts (205 only) and no rock skis). I am willing to pay some good money plus shipping (bonus points if we could meet at some NE resorts) and also bonus points if mounted with 747 bindings (i am at 317 bsl)

Thanks, Hallevhisse
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There was a supersweet pair of 4s at the Goodwill store on Garrett Rd in South Durham, NC.  I think they are 200 cm or 205 cm with Markers (M31? M41?M51?M61? M81?).  They look like they may have been used once..   I almost considered getting them, but I'm a vintage K2 baby.

Goodwill Industries

4318 Garrett Rd, Durham -
(919) 493-1182
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I've got 185s and 195s.  Here's another pair:
Guys nuts on size but from the look they're plenty big.
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Check these out, sounds like what you are looking for.  Shown as 4S in 207 with 747s but lookks more like a 4G from the picture

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Yeah, they're purple and as far as i remember, 4s were teal and 4g were purple.

But thanks for the help.

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 I gave away a pair of 7S on this site a couple of years ago. Teal, but only 190 (yes, the were my wife's).
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