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Vail business trip

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Hello all,
A colleague of mine is about to embark on a business trip to Vail/Lionshead, and was wondering what you guys think he should do about getting a nice room, either with a meeting room in it big enough for 16 people, or a place that would have a very nice meeting room at its disposal that could accommodate such a crowd.  Corporate would pay for it so price is not that big of a deal.  Any suggestions?
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 There's a Marriott Hotel right there at Lionshead, so that's worth exploring.
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I've attended conferences at the Vail Marriott in the past and found the hotel to have fairly nice conference rooms.  Hotel rooms are nice also.  It's just a short shuttle ride to Lionshead.  I attended a conference at the Lion Square Lodge a few years ago.  Conference rooms and accommodations are on-par with the Marriott, but you can literally fall out of your room onto the gondola. 
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