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New to the forum,

I started skiing around 10ish. My dad was part of a ski club and avid skier and that translated down. I skied regularly till about 16, and it just fell off as i focused on playing soccer. Now 23 im looking to buy a cheaper used set, with a new set of boots and hit the slops hard!

Looking to stay around $200ish for the ski's [not counting the boots of course] And after this season or next move up depending on how i like what i buy.

Im 5'7-5'8, weight will range between 180-195max [Off season weight for competitive Natural bodybuilding.]

I know very little about the ski's themselves. I need something that can handle eastern conditions. Although its been a while looking for a more advanced ski.

Ski's i've seen in my price range that seem to fit what i might like:

Volkl Superspeed 05/06 175 (Is this too long for me? i wanted to stay under 170, but its a great deal)

Volkl Allstars 05/06 168

K2 Enemy (not sure year seem older aka03/04ish) 162 Have read they are a bit too soft

I liked to do a little of everything on the slops, from diamons to jumps at the park, when i was younger. Not sure what i'll like more now that im a bit more ground up. Anything to get my adrenalin going is good!

Thanks for all the input. Once i get my hands on some ski's i'll def look for some advice on boots!