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D-spin and diveflipp?

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I`m haveing problems with landing the d-spin. I always come down sideways. Any tips?
Also; how can I get the full rotation to land on my feet when I`m doing a "superman diveflipp" of cliffs(delayed forward flipp)?

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for the superman flip, you gotta pull in your knees and tuck, and really throw your head and shoulders into the rotation first. I've done it into pools and off little cornices w/o skis on (no real forward momentum), but I'd imagine it works the same way, just a bit slower with skis.
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I'm pondering the possiblity you may be a psycho...

First of all, just your asking a question like this in a forum like this where most people are able to put somewhat intelligible sentences together should indicate to you that not many here have attempted these moves.

Second, the fact that you are able to put somewhat intelligible sentences together yourself after numerous head-landings makes me wonder why your still going back for more

Third, the fact that your considering either of these, especially the delayed front which needs huge air, on a pair of tele's no less, on the possible advice from someone on the internet just confirms that you need a visit from the people in the white coats.

But if you're still gonna try, there's a great photo sequence of a delayed front done by some crazy swede in AK in last year's (or year befores) "Annual Photo Issue" of Powder Mag entitled "Best front Flip". (They put that guy away in Bellvue too)

second, the fact that
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I`m not a psycho. And reegarding the white coats, I`m in medschool and wear them a lot my self. About the teles; I dont know why people in the states think that you can`t do airs if your heel is free. Once you`re in the air it dose`nt make that much a differense. The landing and takeoff maybe a litle harder to stick offcourse.
Anyway I`m getting the impression that skiers in here Norway more often push their limits while skiing. Landing on the head does not hurt that bad if the snow is soft.............

LEARN BY DOING!!!!!!!!!!!

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first of all your not a pyscho at all.. though i am just learning how to flip myself, i know people who can do supermans without that much air... they are swedish or part of any european ski teams either!
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ummm ok is a superman european for a lawn dart?? i am working on them, but i always freak out and just get my front over with instead of actually lawn darting it. oh well if thats what a superman is i can give you some advice when i stick one (hopefully next weekend). also you might wanna try it in the park first so you can pop off the jump and wont have to deal with the variables an ungroomed cliff drop provides.
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Supermans is quite easy on bigjumps and kicers, just dive in there. But the problem is doing them from cliffs. I simply dont get the rotation I need. I once saw a guy doing it from a 30 ft. cliff on Riksgränsen, and it looked so amazingly cool. On kicers and bigjumps I stick em, but from cliffs I land either flat on my stomach or on my back.
By the way my bigerst superman: 20 feet high, 120 feet long, beat that!!!!!!!!!1

Do not be affraid of your fear.......
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Ja vi norskene ruler!! jeg bor i USA nå, og merker godt at jeg tør å dra på mer enn mange av kompisene mine!!
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