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Whats The Best Way To...

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...ski over your friends skis?

I've been pondering this, as I like to ski over friends skis. I used to try to do it without being seen, kind of a stealth top sheet attack. Now I'm trying to expand to new forms, add style. I've been riding switch up and hitting them backwards, this has style. Lately, I've been trying to get binding shots involved as well, clipping the toe piece whenever possible, but this can be dangerious, as you can go down in the process. Wiping out when on a top sheet attack can be dangerious, as an ass kicking usually follows. Also I have noticed what I like to call the "Volant Factor." This is where the steel topsheets act as rails and you end up rail sliding your friends skis, way high in the style points. Getting a top sheet hit on your friends skis is also fun when they are actually skiing on them, not just standing in the lift line, but this can cause damage to your head when you bit the ground. What are all your opinions on the best way to achieve style when damaging your friends topsheets? Discuss...
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In a sem- private conversation with Alta, I was incouraged to post my opinion on a certain aspect of this technique or method.

I believe that "technique" points should be rewarded for success in the simultanious defacement of the top sheet in the areas ahead of, and behind the bindings.

I think you will all agree, this movement is a significant challenge, and should be recognized.

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The most important thing to remember, from my experience, is that any technique you choose for skiing over your friends' skis is FAR more effective when those skis are brand new. It is something of a waste if those skis are already well marked up. If that friend happens to be an instructor, don't even bother--the tops of instructors' skis get skied on more than the bottoms, and your efforts will go unappreciated. Ideally, you should try to make the very first marks on those top skins, and you should pick a moment when the friend is actually looking down at his new skis, admiring the blank slate of their out-of-the box new graphics. The resulting effect is hard to describe. Some friends may fail to appreciate the exquisite timing and awareness required, but you can be assured that that they will always remember you.

Finally, while the Volant Rail Slide technique does indeed bring exta style points, the most effective techniques usually involve some sort of STOPPING on the top skins of your friend's skis. Dig your edges in, either in a snowplow, or the the more dramatic hockey stop. Don't stop too long, though....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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My preference is to hammer the rear deck top sheet while simultaneously double or single ejecting the victim (vic) from his binding. This can be accomplished by the use of the pole/push single ejection strategy or the more challenging step-on/double-binding-ejection/push strategy. The real beauty of these maneuvers is the victim will be much less able to target you for immediate retribution since he will have ejected from at least one binding and if all went well, he will eject from both. Better yet, the push phase of the strategies above ensure the vic falls over, providing plenty of time for your exit strategy.

The general strategy in both maneuvers is to make a tight turn at low speed directly on the vics rear deck. The using a pole in the first strategy or the ski closest to the vic in the second, release one or both skis by pushing down with the pole or ski on the binding release lever. Straighten out and forcefully push off of the vic. Because he will think he is still locked to the skis he will attempt to use the skis as leverage to push back. Bad move. His CM will quickly be far from the base he is expecting to be supported by and fall he will.

The exit strategy is a must. Build it before you implement either strategy above, since a failure to exit, and quickly, will almost certainly mean a good beating by the bro.

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Seems to me that AltaSkier is just trying to get a 4 day private at the Academy. It just might work! :
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I am just sharpening the spikes I installed on the tops of my Axis X Pros to prevent "friends" from skiing over them, although I do find that the Mod lump on the tops of the skis occassionally helps in throwing others off balance, and sometimes before my fist persuades their face to back off...


P.S. I'm leaving here in 38 hours.
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Friends don't let friends ski on top!

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been on both ends of this. much more fun to give than recieve. do it at line-up infront of the class. get others involved beforehand and tell them who the mark is. I then took to speeding by at speed and popping over their skis. you must be careful. If the victim is quick they can retaliate by lifting a ski just before you cross over.

I'm too worried about self perservation now for those hijinx.

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If you can perform the intracate Volant Rail Slide to Stop (VoRSS), and come to a stop against the heel pieces, you could do a double ejection manuver (DEM) with the outside (stance) foot on the heel pieces, followed by the pushoff of vic. At which point, you could throw in a double pole push-off (DPP) to the decks of his shiny sleds, to make your get away. This will leave a nice exclamation point for you to admire in the future. Like a signature of sorts.
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The funniest thing about this thread is that I believe that you are ALL SERIOUS
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This VoRSS idea of yours got me thinking...
If the "rail" as we shall now call your friend, is standing (or moving : ) down the fall line, grind the rear rail, pole plant to eject the obstacle blocking the front rail, and as a follow on from the plant, do a 180 around the bindings, and slide the front rail, before using the tip of the ski to give you a springboard from which to launch your getaway.

This could become an Olympic sport. It is worthy of being on Powder!

Now, does anyone know of someone with Volants?

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Wow, great ideas all!!! Kudos to AltaSkier for bringing up this most important topic.

There is one I idea I have not seen performed but perhaps someone at the academy can try this, preferably on Oboe's Bandits since the Bandit uses the necessary ski construction technique.

Needed the Vic with a ski with a glued on tip, like the Bandit line has had in the past.

Maneuver - with the Vic stopped, ski across the front top skin of his skis. Instead of continuing across and exiting the area, hockey stop sliding your ski edges along the top edged of the Vics skis. Just as your ski edges reach the tip portion of the Vics skis apply as much edge pressure as possible. This additional pressure should be sufficient to dislodge the fancy little tip of the Vics skis.

Triple style points for dislodging both tips at one time.

Again, exit strategy here is less important since the Vic will likely be picking up the tips, giving you some additional time to exit stage right.

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