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Okemo 12/7-8

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 Lola, Finndog and myself will be heading to Okemo for some early season turns. Plans are to meet at the base around 8:30 and be ready to go when the lifts start turning. Post if you care to meet. If there are any woman that will be around on Monday, I might need a run or two of your time. 
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Philpug....I'll need a full snow report as I will be up there on the 10th
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long term forecast is looking good. snow is predicted Friday night and Saturday,  It will be great to get the boards back on the snow.
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Hola Snow and I might ead down to Okemo for Sunday.  We will ski Killington on Saturday.  I will know more definite plans by Thursday.
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Looks like the upper mountain will be open this weekend. I believe that means you'll have to ride the North Star chair down - always a fun thing if not a little scary. Hey, you get to tell stories about it - kids never believe you rode the lift down unless they've done it.
You might have more terrain by monday as I think they're going to try to make snow sat. night.
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Anyone with a 1st hand report on the weather up there?  How's it looking. Need to know if I should bring hiking boots......
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I'm supposed to be heading there on the 11th & 12th. Any report on what it's like would be appreciated...

Trying to decide if it's work the six hour drive with the wife & son.
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I'll be up there tomorrow, will probably ski after lunch. Won't have access to a computer, but if anyone wants a report, call me on my cell after the lifts close. 401 864 0526
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They are making snow tonight but it's probably for the upper mountain. I would count on downloading on the chair, so if that freaks people out then don't have them come. Saturday is looking like there'll be a small amount of snow in the afternoon and maybe an inch or two that night.
As far as Rossi guy I'd say yes you should come next week. Obviously it's up to you, but there'll be enough skiable terrain to make it worth it as long as you're not expecting last year which was excellent.
Note that during December before I think the 22nd? Okemo is offering free rentals/lower lift pass/and begining lesson. Two days of that and it's the same with snowboarding also. That's quite a deal and an incentive to bring your non skiing but willing (or perhaps un-!) friends. I doubt that deal would apply to this weekend due to lack of terrain, but one should call.

This weekend would not be good for beginners. there is no beginner terrain and way too many people for a total beginner to deal with. Next weekend will be fine if the weather pattern holds or gets better than expected.

I learned about these guys from DoWork, they're now the #1 go to for skiing weather in the Northeast and links to weather data from places like NOAA:


Ludlow forecast from NOAA:

Saturday: Light snow, mainly after 1pm. High near 34. Calm wind becoming north around 6 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90%. New snow accumulation of less than one inch possible.

Saturday Night: Light snow likely, mainly before 1am. Cloudy, then gradually becoming partly cloudy, with a low around 25. North wind between 5 and 8 mph. Chance of precipitation is 70%. New snow accumulation of 1 to 2 inches possible.

Sunday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 36. Northwest wind between 6 and 9 mph.

Sunday Night: Mostly cloudy, with a low around 22. West wind at 6 mph becoming south.


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 It is not out of the question that we ski Killington on Sunday and Okemo n Monday...thoughts? 
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hey I'm just the passenger, all good to me.
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 hi all,

id love to hook up with you guys, my wife and i are here and will be skiing okemo today and tomorrow. is there a way to identify any of you. ive seen phils pic. since the terrain is limited, i dont think this meeting should be a problem.
see you there
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Steve, looks like Phil,lola and I (maybe others) will be at kmart Sunday Okemo, Monday. I will be in a dark green shell, grey pants/white helmet or Orange jacket if its warm. 
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I am at Killington today Saturday and plan to ski on Sunday as well.  Currently at 2pm it is snowing like crazy, and they say they will open more slopes tomorrow.  Phil:  I have my same green and white jacket from ESA Big Sky.  My husband has a black and orange jacket.  Anyone else who is at Killington for Sunday, let me know.  PM me and maybe we can figure out a place and time to meet
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how are the conditions
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Phils first post says 12.7 and 8.

has this changed??  tomorrow, sunday is 12.6
Originally Posted by Finndog View Post

Steve, looks like Phil,lola and I (maybe others) will be at kmart Sunday Okemo, Monday. I will be in a dark green shell, grey pants/white helmet or Orange jacket if its warm. 
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Right now it is snowing like crazy at Killington.  I am sure more slopes will be open on Sunday.  it was fun today.  Rime and Reason slopes were good.  Less crowded. 
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is it 59 dollar  pass price good (understnding it is early season an all)??? enquireing minds and all......
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 honestly 59 dollars IS alot of money
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57 tomorrow at Stowe....
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Originally Posted by skier_j View Post

57 tomorrow at Stowe....

yep and I cant ski there even though I have a season pass. but once monday hits I can ski for free so why spend money at Kmart?
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sugarbush is 25 but they admit it will be rough
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the 59 was okay. if you stayed away from the great northern trail, you could have some fun.  It is still snowing and it is 10pm.  I have heard that there are about 6inches right now and we will probable get two more overnight.  I heard that there will be some more trails open tomorrow. 
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johnny cash mode if I decide to spend the surname......

black skis, black jacket, silver helmet, black pants

oh yea, green kryptons!
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I will be in a green and white jacket, dark pants, volk fuego skiis.  My husband will be in black and orange jacket black pants, fischer skiis.  We both have black helmets I have blue feet for the baskets on my poles....
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i assume kmart is killington,...  yesterday there were 2 trails open at okemo, lots of boarders without control or speed limits. not a lot of fun but much  better than freezing on a golf course. there is a lot of coverage now due to real and man made snow thus more skiable terrain. going back this am with my wife; any bears around?
ill be here all season ( weekends and holidays) and would love to ski with you all.
have a great day,
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 hi all,
as much as it pains me to say, the trip to okemo isn't worth it..... ( my home mountain)
my advice is to stay in killington, the available terrain and the effort to get to it isn't worthwhile.
next week will hopefully be different.
take care,
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 We skied Kton today and it was quite good, much better than expected. We will be at Okemo on Monday. 
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We paid $32 today at Sugar Mountain.  It was one 1,100 vert blue top to bottom (called/advertised as four runs of course).  It wasn't crowded at all, no lift lines, and the coverage was better than expected.  Plus we arrived to 3" of fresh this morning.  I'd have gone elsewhere if they were asking over forty bucks,.
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 What?  Nobody owns a camera? 
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