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07/08 Scott Missions

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Live in the bay area now and want to ski more often than I have in the past. Skied up to 15 times a year since I was 6 and the last couple of years I always feel like the skis aren't really keeping up. Most of the stuff I have done was Mammoth (CA) with the occasional quick trip to Big Bear (Socal) but now I live in East Bay and purchased a season pass to Kirkwood for pretty cheap (figure if I go up three times it will pay for itself). Found a pair of what seems to be decent skis from the reviews I have read but I don't really know about the size. I am 5'11 3/4'' and way 185. I know I should go demo a bunch of skis but I don't have the money to do that (college and no job this time of year).

Devin Dowdy
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The Missions you'll be looking at are either 178cm or 183cm.  They have a tight turning radius (e.g. 14.7m at 178cm), so there's no difficulty turning the longer ski.  In fact the larger radius will probably be easier to control in most conditions.  It really depends on how you propose to use them; GS or tighter turns on groomers v's off piste glades and trees v's bumps v's crud v's bombing bowls (actually it's not an ideal ski for crud and bowl bombing - too much sidecut).  If you need to turn tightly try shorter, but for everything else (in that particular ski) I vote for the 183cm.

Incidentally, if you're a fan of twin tips the Scott Punisher is supposedly essentially the same ski in a twin configuration.  Definitely go longer with twintips due to the shorter running length from the turned up tail.

Good reviews on the Missions from everything I've read.
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Thanks for responding.

I am more curious about the size than anything. I have read the reviews and it sounds like it would be good for what I hope to do: off-piste, in the trees, etc.
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