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ski for instructor

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would a k2 mach s be a good ski for an instructor to teach on & take the different level test or would an atomic beta carve 9.18 be better. thanks Bob
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Virtually any modern ski would be just fine for taking any certification exams on, as long as you are comfortable on the skis! Demo, buy, practice and rip!
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I ski the K2 Mach-S in a 174cm (it's longest length). It is a 16 meter ski at that length so it is a shorter radius ski than the 9.18 if that makes a differance to you. I've found the Mach-S is extremely versital for a 64mm waist ski whose design strength is as a high powered arc carver on groomed snow. I spent the last three days at Vail and skied it in the full range of spring snow; morning krispy coral to corn to slush, as well as in sun cupped heavy crud back in China Bowl and Blue Sky Basin. For my weight (210#) though I did prefered my longer (188cm) & wider (70mm waist) Axis-X Pro's in the heavier afternoon slop, but then they were not as quick and nimble either. If you are lighter weight you would probably find the Mach-S even more versital than I do. It's one of the top tool-toys out there, a fun ride.
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Though Todd is light years ahead of me, I'm gonna disagree with him on this one. We mortals would have a hard time pulling off what a master can do in the normal course of a day.

Pick the proper tool for the job. Look at what the examiner expects of you and match your skis to the tasks.

I grabbed my favorite skis without thinking and had a rough time of the first day of on snow tasks. The examiner was a fanatic on short, round turns and doing them on a GS ski made the job that much harder. He was skiing an Elan in about 175 that had a big shovel and lots of sidecut.

My ski of choice (in retrospect) would have been a softer "intermediate" ski with lots of sidecut. Your job isn't to wax the guy in the gates or to impress him with your ability to straightline the hill, it's to demo a series of beginner and intermediate tasks.

A guy like Todd who spends 6 to 8 hours on skis every day can use a hammer to do the job of a screwdriver .... the rest of us need all the help we can get.
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