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I need some responses in the next 6-8 hours to get the 15% cyber monday deal.  Thinking of expanding the tools a bit.

I think I need--
  1. .7* base guide (or maybe .5* also)
  2. 2* edge guide,
  3. True bar (why I didn't spend $6 more and buy one the last time I ordered is beyond me)

Can anyone recommend brand/model for the base and edge guides that are carryied by

I already have a 1* base file guide and 3* side, a chrome file, a few moonflex diamond stones in assorted grits, a brush, scrapper, some waxes, gummy stone, iron, bench.

Anything else you think I need?

I was thinking about one of those sidewall trimmers.  I just use an exacto knife beeing the cheapskate that I am.

I ain't a racer, just want to keep my boards, and the family boards, in shape mid season.  The 1* base 2* edge is for the wife/kid's board.  The .7* (or maybe I'll get .5* too) base, and 3* edge is for my boards.