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From BD's website:
Nylon: Generally climbs better and offers more traction, can be considered more durable, stiffer and hydrophobic. They do not glide as well as Mohair. These are the pitbull of skin material.
Mohair Pure: 100% Mohair is a natural fiber and offers a superior glide over Nylon. Lighter weight, packs better, probably not as durable over the long term. Not as water repellent as Nylon. Well suited for long approaches and tours.
Mohair Mix: These are a 65% Mohair and 35% Nylon for extra durability.

It's pretty obvious to me that for long slogs, shallower climbs and touring through rugged touring Mohair mix skins are the call. For steep climbs, nylon is better. So, where is the overlap/gray area between definitely using Mohair mix versus nylon?......or why not bring both?

Personally, I've been using patterned based skis with liquid glide wax for longer, low angle touring and rugged touring and throw on nylon skins for steeper climbs. But with all things, there are trade-offs including extra gear (skis) and reduction in downhill performance.

I'm curious for personal reasons as well as deciding purchasing decisions for our forthcoming 'BC Tools' products. Any input is appreciated.

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