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Best Resort for Family with 5 and 1 y/o

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Reading these other threads I pretty much know what;s out there.

Basically, Dad wants to ski. Mom wants to ski a little and take care of the baby and also go to a spa. 5 y/o boy wants to learn. 1 y/o needs quality daycare (not that he will spend all day there).

So I want to make sure the resort has "other" stuff to do like tubing, ice skating, xc skiing, etc. This isn't going to be hardcore skiing every day.

These resorts seem to bubble to the top:

Deer Valley
Beaver Creek

I imagine I can't go wrong.

I just worry a little with "access" to Snowmass and BC with a baby in tow.
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All of these areas are very nice.  Depending on were your departing from, Snowmass isn't usually any more difficult to access than BC or Steamboat.

The nicest thing about Snowmass is the ski in/out access on the hill. You can easily stop in through out the day.
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What type of terrain do you want to ski and where are you traveling from?  Depending on where you're coming from, DV probably is the easiest to get to.  However, if you can get a non-stop flight to Vail/Eagle airport, getting to BC is really convenient.  For the 5yo, no snowboarders at DV is a plus.
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i'm flying out of Atlanta which gets me pretty much anywhere nonstop.

since SLC is a Delta hub, that would probably be the best deal.

i grew up skiing but haven't skied in years. 5y/o wants to learn.

so i'm probably looking for blues.

i've been looking for deals or even something resembling a deal in late Jan. i thought the economy was bad 
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Beaver Creek - see discussion from last year on this same page plus the report on their trip.
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I'd go to Park City (closeness to airport and your deal with Delta). Stay in Park City. Put the 5 yo in ski school at Deer Valley. We were there last year and our friends took their little ones. Said that ski school at DV as much better than PC. 
Breckenridge would be second choice. I know it isn't on your list, but it has a lot of good green/blue runs for the little ones and for you and the ski school seems top notch. We are all going again(to Breck this time) and the kids will be in school there. When are you going?
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 I am looking at Jan 17 for the trip.

I am leaning towards Steamboat because it saves me about $700 in airfares.

I skied there as a kid.

I'm sure all these places are good choices.

Beaver Creek sounds great. It might be a little harder for us to get to.
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It's hard to believe that you can get into Steamboat for $700 less that SLC.  However, if that's the case it would be difficult to argue against Steamboat.  I've never been there but Steamboat is supposed to have great family programs, a great kids ski school and is a blue cruiser paradise.

If you do decide to go to SLC I think your 2 best bets are either Deer Valley or Alta, depending on what you're looking for.  Both do not allow snowboarders, have very good kids ski schools and ample blue terrain.  However, the atmosphere and the feel of the resorts are about as different as day and night.  Deer Valley is about luxury, comfort and customer service.  Alta is purely about skiing.  Alta will be a lot less expensive.  It doesn't get too much more expensive than Deer Valley but you'll also feel much more pampered at Deer Valley.  Deer Valley also has Park City nearby so it has much easier options for eating out.  Alta gets much more snow and generally has better conditions.  It also has much less ski-in, ski-out housing so lots of people who ski Alta stay somewhere down the canyon (cheaper) and rent a car or take the bus.  It depends on what you and your family is looking to get out of your ski vacation and your budget.
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I pulled the trigger on Steamboat. When I mention saving $700, I'm talking about the kids fly free deal that Steamboat has with Delta. I'm sure regular tickets to SLC are usually cheaper.

Thanks for the info on Deer Valley and Alta. I skied both as a kid but that was ages ago.

I definitely think I'll put Deer Valley/PC next on the list for the family. It was just hard to turn down this airfare offer.
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I think you made a good choice.  My wife and daughter now 8 loved the school so much last year we are returning.  Good school with mid to small class size.  She had previously skied in the Deer Vally school which I think she learned the most which is likely due to the small class size.  I think she had two others in her class every day.  Other resorts and schools they liked were The Canyons, Solitude, Vail and Alta.  The school they both disliked along with the other kids and wives in our group was Park City but you can enjoy the town and ski the other surrounding resorts. 

Hope you get some snow at Steamboat as we are arriving the 29th just after you. 
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Kids fly free is a great deal and hard to pass up.  Like you mentioned you probably can't go wrong with the resorts you were thinking of.  All are top notch resorts with good family programs.  Hope you have a good time in Steamboat.

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I'm thinking of traveling w my 2 yr old & his Mom.  I'd like for him to be able to go tubing, ride a sleigh, play in snow etc w Mom while I ski


I'm thinking Vail, Breckenridge, Aspen.  What do you think would be best for the little guy ?


I'd rather be in a town & not a resort out in the middle of nowhere



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All three are great ski towns, so you won't go wrong with any of them.  Have you checked airfare pricing for each of these destinations?  That could be a determining factor for selecting one of these resorts.  Good luck and enjoy your ski holiday.

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Highly recommend Vail, have every age covered!

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