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Twin-tip ski decision

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Not for me- for a friend.

He mostly skis groomers, but is looking for a twin tip that can handle park and glades.  These would be his first twin tips, but he's not a beginner- probably an intermediate by your standards.  Looking at Volkl Wall/Ledge (maybe even Bridge), or a Salomon Suspect.

He was looking at some Salomon Knights, but I have hear absolutely nothing about these skis.  Are they good at all?

Which ones would YOU get in his situation?
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Volkl Ledge is an entry level twin tip. I was not a fan. But, Its hard for me to like twin tips (I am trying). I had the volkl bridge.......got rid of them, the walls would be only my sole park ski. But, for right now I am on Armada Pipe Cleaners for my park ski. Otherwise........I am looking at grabbing a pair of those Stockli Snake Coral skis (they are Saweet). That is of course if money is no object.
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i have soloman knights and they are pretty good.they have good float in pow and shred in the park.a little too stiff 4 me though


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Old thread but I'll add a ski for posterity. Fischer addicts circa 2008 are a strong buy in the used market, and I would guess they haven't changed much since so a good new ski as well. The ski is symmetrical center mount twin tip, torsionally stiff and sandwich sidewall construction that is indestructible. Typical fischer ski...they know how to make race skis...even if its a twin tip. This ski rips groomers if you have a strong boot to drive it, and a boot with good forward flex will allow for fun in bumps as well. Fast GS turns and sharp edges will spring you into the next turn with force...and punish you if you get lazy in the back seat. i

The park...well, good for jib punishment with the beefy sidewalls, but more suitable for all mountain duties. It will do well enough in the park with the right boot as long as its just jumps and jibs. Skis same forward and back. Solid all around ski for upper intermediate to expert. Minor downside: topsheet gets wacked, it will peel. But I'll take the performance over aesthetics. Still have it in the quiver, will keep it til it is destroyed. Perfect east coast ski due to its stiffness and ability to carve hardpack with ease. A tank in crud. Recommended.
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+1 for the Fischer Addict, also for the Volkl Bridge if you are looking to go bigger. Both IMO make good all mountain skis when mounted back from center. Buy approx. 8-10 cm longer due to both ends being turned up though,they will ski short.

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Nordica Dead Money

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