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leg burn (1st day out) and thoughts on 'avalanche fitness training' for skiers?

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just wondering if anyone has ever ordered this book and their impressions of it, if any?

 i was out for first time today at silverstar and my afternoonl....aching burning legs forcing me to stop repeatedly on my runs...maybe since the weekend was also my first time out to do classic and skatesking (with little stretching afterwords).

also was wearing brand new boots today, too.
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The burning in yoour legs was caused by lactic acid. That usually happenes as a result of fatigue in the muscles that are in use. In other words, you are not in shape for skiing. There are ways that you can raise your lactic threshold, but that involves some pretty involoved training and heart rate monitoring. The easiest is to ride a bicycle an hour a day, five days a week with your cadence at 80-90 rpm. If you feel a lactic flow, back off the gearing by shifting down a cog or two and just spin.
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thanks rich h:

thing is, cycling hard (bpm are 160+_ doesn't bug me at all...i can go pretty for some time...i have read that the muscles used for skiing and cycling are different however and used at different angles (??) (alot of eccentric motion...was seeing some good you tube videos on ski conditioning and one camp had the kids running down hill side to side in an obstacle course mimicking the stretching of the muscles used in skiing.however see this forum link

(see post #7 below in the forum link:...
once that youtube video in post #7 is over (pretty amazing) look under it and you'll see a scroll bar of other fitness related ski exercise you tube videos...some were really helpful ie ski camp of kids running downhill to simulate eccentric stretching movements on muscles.

i must say, however, that on my 3rd day out things are getting easier...can go longer down the mountain...trying a bit more each day with good technique, too...read somewhere that sitting on the backs of your skis is a surefire way to get burn (not good technique)...true?
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Been away for awhile.

It is not how long you can keep your HR, but how you get there and what you do with it once you get there. Sitting back is never a good technique. I don't know about getting lactic, but it is probably true as you would be using muscle groups that you usually don't use. The unused muscle group fatigue quickly and lactic flows as a result.

Your goal should be 1000 verticle feet non-stop. If I, at 75 yo, can do it, you should be able to do it. GO FOR IT!!
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I ski all winter and bike all summer - the fitness benefits from cycling are great, but they do not directly cross over to skiing. Its something to do with biking being a big range of motion, while in skiing you generally end up with only a few degrees range of motion the majority of the time.

Re: the ebook mentioned, I have a copy and think it is a great resource, it is not an 'overnight wonder', like anything physical, you only get back what you put in - the price is a little steep though imo. I happen to link to it from my website, so I do think it is worth having. Maybe go halves with a friend?

Otherwise, look into your local gym offering 'getting fit to ski' classes.
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Canali, responding to your query regarding Avalanche Ski Training...................$47 well spent in my humble opinion. The Fab 5 program which is part of the ebook is an amazing skiing specific workout. No machines required. After doing one set of the 5 excercises following the recommended order and duration I was convinced that I'd made a worthwhile purchase. The book changed the way that I approach my ski workouts and I've noticed considerable gains in the areas of strength, balance and endurance. With the book purchase is a link to a free 10 minute whole body stretching routine that I've also incorporated into my workouts. Highly recommend that also. Tips up !!!

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I started the post below a while back and it has alot of info in it; however, only this post answered my initial question about whether or not the book was worth the $$$.  Thanks for the answers. 

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