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Okemo or Killington

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So Holasnow and I are headed to VT the weekend of the Dec 4-6.  We are either going to Killington or Okemo.  At first I was leaning to Okemo since I haven't ben there yet, but now it is looking like it will be Killington. 

If anyone else is going, let me know and maybe we can take a few turns or have an apres drink after the last run of the day.


I just need to get a couple runs down a slope since I haven't skied in 8 months and Epic Ski Stowe will be the following week


Anyone with any further info about what might be open please let me know

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Was just at K this weekend.... They are trying like hell to get the snow to stick - but - mother nature
is fighting them. Friday night gave a few inches of natural which stayed thru Sun night. The guns
were going Sat night and Sun night when I left.  K is your only hope for that weekend. Okemojo I doubt
will be open. The adjusted forcast looks good...
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So it is killington here we come.  I will be arriving on fri and leaving sunday afternoon.  If anyone wants to take a couple of runs or have an apres drink, let me know.
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