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Volkl Bridge and what else?

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I'm going to grab a new ski to be my main go-to setup for Vail and Beaver Creek.  I was initially considering the Mantra but heard that it was pretty much a freight train and I want something that will indeed bust through crud and lay out some mean big turns even on the groomers, but I want a little life as well.  From what I've read the Volkl Bridge may be my ticket but I wonder what else I should have my eyes on.

My stats are on the lighter side so I'd appreciate keeping the following in mind for any recommendations:

I ski 60+ days a year at Vail and The Beav.  I'm 5'10 and a lean & strong skier at 165 pounds.  Would it be likely that the 185s would be too much for me? 
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According to Volkl's "Use your head" sizing method I'm between the 177 and 185.  Any input?  I don't even normally ski this early (with so little snow) so going out right now and demoing them probably isn't going to really show me all that I'd hope to learn from the process.

Any strong skiers at or around 70.5" and 165# that can share what's been working for them?  My last pair of 177s were a little dicey near my top speed which I hit routinely, everyday I go out.  This is one reason I'm thinking of pushing it up a size but I hear that the Bridge is stable so perhaps *it* in 177 would be my best bet.  Don't know.

My mountain profile is:
Park:  Never unless I'm just passing through and I'll try some air.
Bumps:  Not my idea of a good time but I happen into a moguled run from time to time.
Trees:  Not a lot of this but I'm up for easier blasts through the forest.
Steep:  Now where talking.  Wide or narrow, I love it all.
Deep:  Sure as long as I can let it rip.
Groomers:  Sure, as long as I can let it rip.
Tracked and crud:  Love it as long as the ski can hold a line.

Thanks for anything you have to offer.
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I had a pair of 171 cm bridges. I am 5,10 155.......skiing even in the midwest on those things killed me......they skied too short. If I was out west I would go no shorter than 177s. Its tough to say. Also depends on your mounting position....if you like a more centered stance maybe go for the 185s. For my next mid fat twin tip I am going to go with at least a 177....in a more traditional mounting position.
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With the twin tip, a 185 Bridge is going to be closer to a 177 Mantra (in terms of how much ski is on the snow).
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Look into the Nordica Enforcers. They didn't feel as burly as the Mantras but still had nice stability at speed and didn't get banged around too much in the chopped stuff. You can also look into more traditional all mountain skis like the Nordica Helldriver. Not as "floaty" in soft snow as the Enforcer but great packed/hard snow stability.
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Try a D-Star Legend Pro, 176cm, or the longer length 184 if you want more burly...
And if you can find the orange 08 LP, 176, that would be even better, the bees knees, yaga!

My $.02
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Line Prophet 90 or 100
Fischer Watea 94
Blizzard Answer
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Hey, thanks for the input guys.  Dynastar LP...
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