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Bretton Woods Today 11/29

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A couple of pics of Bretton Woods NH today. No ice, no rocks. I should have taken my new skis. I couldn't believe how much snow they got. It was powder and packed powder conditions. The best first day I've ever had in the east. I think they got some kind of freakish storm or something. Wow! Tons of snow!
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Yup. I was there. Surprisingly very nice. In the morning the trails on either side still had a broad swath of some slightly tracked out deep stuff - honestly maybe 8", as the snow was heavy and appeared to have settled a lot. This was not too appealing to me because it was like trying to ski through thick cake frosting with a bit of crust, so I steered clear after a few disappointing forays. But everything else - increasingly, as the day went on - was just nice creamy natural snow. Some small pleasantly soft bumpish things began to develop as afternoon came. Temps were in the upper 30s and mostly cloudy, winds more or less calm, so it was not powdery - more like cool spring conditions. I started out on my new-at-the-end-of-last-year hard snow carving boards, thinking I would be spending my first day of the season restoring muscle memory by burning in some clean arcs on hard snow. Bretton's low-angle runs are perfect for this. After about an hour, though, I woke up and realized it was just too soft and too crowded for this, went back to the car and got my softer-snow skis, and it was more or less bliss from that point out. The only slight down side was that there were a couple of areas - notably down the ravine at the bottom of the optimistically named Deception "Bowl" - where downed trees and open water bars made me glad I wasn't on new ptex.
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We were in Waterville Valley this morning and DEFINITELY would have headed up to BW if we had known. Should have thought to check on conditions there, they're known for getting snow when nobody else is.
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 anyone skiing here wednesday?

its only 2 hours away now....
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