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Hired [img]smile.gif[/img] now all we need is some snow [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Did all you veteran instructors have your doubts about if you were going to make it as an instructor after you filled out all the paperwork? Maybe it's even more scary for me because I know they have offered me a job "sight unseen" The SSD Mike Iman actually did my interview over the phone and has never seen me ski. I sure hope I'm up to the task. I also felt real old for most of the orientation. Especially when we went to take pass pictures. They kept asking everyone's birthdate. I kept hearing 1982, 1979, 1980, ... then here I come, 1960... Of course the two guys that are on staff taking the pictures have to make a comment like "Hey he's older than we are!" I just had to smile and say, "Yeah, I'm just an old Fart.." We laughed..

: now the fun begins!

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Let me be the first to say, Congrats DChan. We never had any doubts here. Have a great time with the process of learning (from both sides).

Remember to ask the ladies for permission before you touch!

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The correct response at that time is "older than dirt"

BTW I got you covered by 7 yrs

Congrats!! [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Thanks LM. Now go to bed!

Thanks all.
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Congratulations Dchan! To answer your question---Yes! When I first came to Colorado, it was to take a year off from school and teach skiing. It took a lot of soul-searching and parent-convincing, and a fair amount of planning. But the one thing I never even considered was...what if I don't get hired?

The first time it crossed my mind was at the end of the last day of the hiring clinic at Breckenridge. We had skied for 5 straight days and now came that lo--o--o--ng wait while the clinicians secluded themselves in a back room to decide who to hire. It was only then that I started to get nervous. When they finally came out and passed around the list of names of those who had jobs, I was a wreck. My heart jumped when I glimpsed my name on the list as it passed in front of me. And so it began....

You'll have the same experience over and over now, each time you go to an exam. It's amazing to me, really, how worked up we can get about such things--it's like our entire ego and sense of self-worth are tied to the result.

Have fun!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Congratulations dchan, great news. Hope you are still going to be able to make those Whistler trips though as I would like to hook up at some stage if our respective schedule allow.

I know what you mean about birth dates for passes. If you think that 1960 freaks people out can you imagine what 1937 does? Practically had to resuscitate a young woman in the resort pass office a year or two back!
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Way to GO. Enjoy the season!!
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I can relate to the "clinic bugs" well. I got some on friday waiting at the US consulate for my visa ... will they ... oh are they talking about me .... oh um thats my name ....yes ....YES ... I am away.

1960 was a great year.

"Rage on Regardless"

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Congratulations dchan, I am green with envy, just like this --> :
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Glad you got the job, dchan. Don't start thinking of yourself as old YET. Both my daughters were born before you, but I did get my first ski school job when I was 11 years younger than you are now.
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Nice one Dchan and good luck! I think it's good that you are a little apprehensive - it just means you really care about what you're doing and that will make you a better instructor.

As for the age thing, well the best ski instruction I've ever had was from a guy well into his 60s. I'm 26 but by the end of the lesson I was worshipping the ground he skied on!! Where will you be teaching and will you still be able to come to Whistler? I'll hopefully get a CSAI qualification from the course I'm doing so I'd be interested to hear how you are getting on.

Gerathlete - are you doing a dempsey tour? I first heard about dempsey after you posted here a few months ago so I have you to thank for finding the right course!
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Congrats, David, I never had any daubts. Just remember you will be working as an instructor and to take days off to go ski somewhere else is difficult during the season unless you have an other instructor cover your slot, and that is kind of looked down upon by management.

1960? That Winter I was just as nerveous as you while getting tested for certification by the USSA examiners at Boyne Mountain, MI.

You'll do fine, relax while skiing because when you try too hard to be technical is when things go wrong.

And remember what I mentioned before: though you know it all, don't be a know-it-all

Say Hi to Nancy... ..Ott
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Congrats dchan, I had my doubts. I hadn't expected to be humbled anywhere near as much just to get a very expensive job.
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Excellent Dchan!! Didn't doubt you for a minute.

By the way, was the Dead Sea even SICK in 1960? (haha) I'm still a pup with my 30th coming up on Dec 11.

Take care and good luck.
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Havin' some fun now! Or at least when it starts snowing. Congrat's Dchan! An old fart like you would be a youngster on my mountain. [img]smile.gif[/img] I would have to say that at least half our staff is older. So that would be in the area of almost 200 pros. Although we are a bunch of old farts, 3/4 are full cert which our school is very proud of.

So again, congrat's! But don't quit you day job! [img]tongue.gif[/img] --------------Wigs
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D: Just keep it in perspective now......well, it's kinda like ......... can you imagine the laughter of the crew when the guy walks up to the bosun on a slave ship and politely asks if they have any openings for galley boys???

Salary? Benefits? Company 4x4?

Welcome aboard matey!!!!
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Congrats, mr. dchan!
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Location is Sugar Bowl, My schedule is to be pretty flexable since I am a part timer. I teach as many Saturdays as I can (3 weekends a month at least) and when they need me I will also plan to teach Fridays. I will probably try to get as many clinics as I can and in some ways I consider that free skiing. Otherwise I still have my job and business to run the rest of the time.

Thanks all for your encouragement.

Yes I will make the whistler trips although I may not come in Presidents day weekend until Monday. I am going to try to adjust my flight in on that weekend so I will be avail to teach that whole weekend.
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Congratulations dchan,
Sugar Bowl is a great playground, especially with the new quad up lincoln. I'm up playing at the bowl a couple of days a week, Saturdays being one of them, so maybe we can get some turns in. The company I teach a bit for bases our resort teaching out of sugar bowl so you should see us bombing around.


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Het, yes I'm doing the 5 week Dempsey program starting mid January at Whistler and then following up with 2 more weeks ther and a week at Silver Star. Glad you found out about it. When are you going to be there?
Hope we can catch up.
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Gerathlete - I'm doing the 5 week course Jan 12 to Feb 16 so it sounds like we're on the same one. I can't wait and I'm trying to get a bit fitter at the moment so I can make the most of all that skiing. There's only 8 weeks to go and at this rate I might even have to give up wine until Christmas which would be B]terrible![/b]
Look forward to meeting you there.
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Congrats dchan!! Since you are at Sugar Bowl look up ESki. He is a great skier.
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Thanks Lucky,
I'll try. we have chatted via PM. Holiday I think is on the same team as eski.. [img]smile.gif[/img]

Now all we need is more snow so they can start training!

[img]tongue.gif[/img] they got 11 inches over night but now it's 34 degrees at 6800ft. I hope it clouds over so it doesn't melt : :

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Het. Look forward to seing you in January! We gave up the booze for a month or so at the end of our ski season and have stayed virtually off because we feel so much better! Bummer! :

Getting fit for W/B is much easier here in Oz because it's summer and rollerblading and cycling are possible. What do you do in UK?

BTW I notice you are a CRA. Do you work for a pharmaceutical company?
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gerathlete - I replied in a private email so as not to take over Dchan's postings.
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Congratulations DChan! You'll make a great instructor!

Have fun with that commute to the hill...
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DChan - I never had any doubt. Congratulations!
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