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Ski clothing for 5 yr olds ?

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I am trying to decide ski clothing for my 5 year old son. We are an active skiing family up at Killington Vermont.

At my son's age the choices are 1 piece or 2 piece ski outfits. What are the benefits/drawbacks of either? Are 1 piece suits warm enough for Vermont?

Any opinions?


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I have a 3 and 5yr old and they have been skiing for 2yrs.  We only use one piece suits as they seem to be easier to put on and off and no gaps to let the cold in.  I suspect in a few years, they will go to the bib/jacket conbo but for now, the one piece has worked great.  We have good luck with Obermeyer (found at thrift store) and Patagonia.  I recommend finding some good synthetic base layers for your child and us this to help adjust the temps.
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 We mostly do Obermeyer one pieces and our kids are OK in sub-zero VT conditions.
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One pieces by their nature are much warmer than two piece combos, just like a mitten is naturally warmer than a glove. So that's a definite plus for them. Also, it means fewer things to get them into when it's time to go skiing. However, there are drawbacks to the one piece. The biggest one is having them try to struggle out of it when it's time to use the bathroom (especially when its time to do #2). Also, the one piece is great for when you're outside, because it keeps you toasty warm. However, that becomes a drawback when you're inside, for lunch, breaks, at ski school, etc. Keeping the whole thing on is far too hot, and your kids will overheat. Taking the whole thing off is a huge pain, because you'll have to take the boots off, and your child better have on decent underlayers. So what ends up happening is you pull the top half off, and tie up the arms to try to keep the bottoms on. Which usually doesn't work, and your child is either holding them up, or just letting them fall down.

Personally, one pieces drive me crazy, especially when parents drop their kids off the instant the school desk opens, because that means almost 2 hours that first timer kid is going to be inside, and the last half hour inside we expect him to be doing other things with his hands other than holding up his pants.
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One pieces have ended many a lesson due to a 'brown alert' or 'yellow alert'.  Find out what your son can easily get in and out of by himself with no help.
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Thanks everbody for your imput!!!!!!

It sounds like the 2 peice is a better fit.

There is down time and I like to keep bathroom visits as easy as possible.


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