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Tecnica race 90 for J3 racer..stiff?

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I just bought a pair of 09 used Tecnica race 90 boots for my daughter. She is a first year J3, 5'2", 115 lbs. Very strong physically, good in GS & SG & specializes in SL. The boots didn't come with any instruction re: features. The boots seem extremely stiff. I can hardly flex them on my bench. I removed the rear rivet and internal threaded piece but it didn't seem to make a difference. Is there any way to make these softer if needed? I noticed that there are dotted lines in the plastic of the upper shell (not cuff). I assume they may be cut lines for softening. I will wait and see how she skis in them in the cold. No chance yet here in the east. She used a set of tecnica race 70's last year at 100 lbs and those boots were perfect for her as the flex was right on the money and she had an outstanding year as a J4. This year, she really seemed to over flex them right to the second buckle (indoor). I did keep the 70's just in case the 90's are to much. I coach also and have seen many a parent make the mistake of putting a racer in too stiff a boot.

Any one have experience with the race 90's?

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I admit I don't spend much time trying to flex boots by hand but when I do I generally find it difficult.  I've been selling the boots yoou are inquiring about for years and would say that in general I can move a kid off the 70 by the time they are around 100 lbs and that your daughter shoudl easily be able to manage the 90s.  Don't remove the rivet and just send her out.  I think it will work fine.

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what Lou said

if you want to try a softer boot, put the power strap around the liner only,  it will make the boot feel a bit softer.

flex 70 to 90, after she has gained 10-20 pounds, and more strength sounds about right...
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Thanks for the replies. Lou, I put the rivet back in and as you said will start her out that way once we get on snow & work from there. I do like the aggressive forward lean angle of the boot.

mntlion, interesting about the power strap. I have done that with my Booster Strap on my Nordicas. I have played with useing it both under the cuff & around the liner and over the cuff. I thought I could tell a difference between the two positions but thought it was all in my head.
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agree with lou and mtlion, very natural progression from a tecnica diablo race 70 as a 2nd year j4, to the 90 flex tecnica diablo race 90 as a 1st year j3.

her height and weight are right in the sweet spot for 13 year old girls. we follow that progression in our race oriented shop every day.

also confirming that the rivet connects the spine of the lower shell to the upper cuff. this is a critical connection for transferring power and energy, as well as, capturing rebound and acceleration from the ski. most poorly understood concept about boots from the ski racing community. if it is too stiff you can deepen the saddle cuts of the lower, or sculpt the lower cuff strap so there is less interference with the instep buckle on the lower shell.

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Thanks for the info. After all of your responses, I feel better about the boots. We just need snow here in the east.

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Hallalullja!  Starthaus has hit the number one issue.  Never disconnect the spring from the suspension system. Deepening the side scallops will facilitate more movement in the cuff, occasionally, thinning the rear spine with a flapwheel will lower the spring rate and on most smaller, typically women's sizes will benifit from narrowing the lower cuff strap to allow more movement is often necessary to avoid contacting the second buckle on the lower shell.  Booster strap is a great addition!

Remember by J3, the old flex test in-store is really not valid as the much higher speeds take a greater influence than weight.  G-loading increases and the boot must resist "bottoming out"  which can also resemble too stiff as all the available movement has been used up early in the turn.  go ski it.  as Starthous says its definitlely in the Zone and from my own J4 son of that size and weight, definitly not too stiff.
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