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New Volkl shorty slalom

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In a thread I started on the Rossi Viper S, Oboe mentioned some new Volkl shorty slaloms (Supersport) that will be coming out for next year. As I continue demoing different lengths of the Viper S and look at the K2 Mach S, and possibly see some sweet end-of-season deals...

What can anyone tell me about these new Volkls that might keep me patient?

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P50 SC Racing 110-63-96 in 150,156,163,170 and 177. With or without 1400 Comp Piston Control Motion. MSRP $1175(with) and $750(without){U.S.] Wood core and energY construction.
Whoops, the Supersports are both called T50. 111-68-98 in 154, 161, 168, 175, and 182. Construction same as race skis. U.S. MSRPs $1125 and $695. The other T50 is 112-67-97; 158, 168, and 178. WoodCell core(composite) with energY construction. With Motion 12-$895MSRP; without- $650

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I got to ski the high end stuff for next year from Volkl ( I didn't bother with the wo end stuff. sorry). The Super sport comes in two models. They have a 4 star and 5 star model. They have the same shape. They differ a little bit in the stiffness.

I skied both sizes in a 168(I'd suggest going a little smaller for slalom 163). They are intended to be GS skis, but the sidecut is too deep and not FIS legal. That said it does not ski exaclty like a GS ski.

Basically they are a versatile GS ski. They are as stable as my F1's, and hold just as well. Where they differ from a race ski is in the tip. The tip is a little softer then what you'd find on a race ski. As a result if you like to really load the front it doesn't feel quite as nice.

4 Star- the softer of the two.What really struck me about these skis is how versatile and forgiving they were. I could crank out powerfull GS turns short slalom turns and skided instructor turns and it was all easy. Because of this I think alot of instructors will like this ski next year. Teach your class of beginners, then go rip some carves.

5 Star- I'm a fairly young guy and just finished racing a few years ago. I'd always said I'd never give up my race boards unless I was in Knee deep powder. I was really close giving up my race skis for a pair of these. It's a little stiffer then the 4 star, but the trade off was that it is not as versatile( like race skis are). The only reason I'm not going to ski this ski next year is as I said above, it's tip just isn't stiff enough. It's almost a race ski but not quite.

I know this sounds like some pre rehersed testamonial but these two skis really were the most supprising skis at the demo.

Someone mentioned the SC. It feels like this years SL but it just turns alot faster because of the deeper sidecut.

Hope this helped

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I will second the motion on the Volkl SuperSport Four Star - not quite exactly the same shape as the FiveStar, but let's not quibble. I skied the Four Star at the Stratton on-snow demos last week. Being 145 pounds full of food and a mediocre skier at best, I did not even try the FiveStar, but I did ski the FourStar several runs to compare them to shorty slaloms of other brands. They did not have any size shorter than 168, so I skied that. My own Rossi T-Powers [I am told by Rossi directly comparable to the 2002/2003 T-Power Viper S] skis well for me at 160 cm, so I am accepting that a shorter length than the 168 I demoed in the Volkl would be appropriate for me . Nevertheless, I was impressed by: (a) The ski's forgiveness and ease of turning, especially considering that the length was probably longer than I would buy for myself, (b) the long-turn/short turn versatility and (c) that great Volkl ice skate bite on the hard stuff (that was definitely hard snow and some ice). What a great combination! I am curious about (a) How this would work for a person of my weight and ability in a 160 cm length or there-abouts, and (b) How deep must the snow get before this ski gets un-fun? My own T-Powers will take maybe up to six inches of fluffy and are failures in crud; but the Supersport FourStar has a 112 mm tip, so maybe it might go a bit further in the pow and crud. All in all, a really impressive ski, even for this really average skier in a length longer than recommended.
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JohnJ seemed to imply that these are avilable with the Motion system and without. Did you guys ski them with the integrated Marker bindings?
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[!] don't know! I should have been more observant.
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Volkl is using the motions system as their demo bindings(best demo bindings I've seen so far). Except on the P50 GS where they were using a new piston plate. The Piston plate will come with the GS and SC skis next year(kind of like the enengy rail).
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