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BD Factor size?

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I right now sitting watching TV with a pair of BD Factor on my feet. I have not bought them yet so i have some questions...
On my old "champagne" Stroltz boots I have 28,5(earlier had a pair of 27,5 technica icon). I tried the 28,5 BD Factor but they felt really to tight in the front so  I went for the 29,5. The sales guy told me that the shell of the 29 and 29,5 is the same only that the innerboot is thicker on the 29. They are not fitted yet but im worrying that the 29,5 will be to loose when i start to ski on them. they feel ok no but i guess it will be a different story pumping powder.. Would you suggest me to go for a pair of 28,5 and if they are to narrow ask a bootfitter to widening the front? Also heard that marker duke and BD factor is a bad combination?


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i will not comment on the binding combination as it is not something i have heard or tried but...if you have in the past had a 27.5 and a 28.5 then i can pretty much guarantee that the 29.5 is way too big...read the wiki at the top of the forum and learn about shell sizing your boots, it is pretty easy to make these things wider but making them shorter is not an option the liner in the factor has a really nice habit of being tight in the toe box due to its construction .... looks like you possibly should be looking for a  fitter rather than the seller who you seem to have used so far for these
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Thanks for your answer CEM. You are absolutely right. Im living in Frankfurt so i guess its pretty hard to find a good boot fitter here ;) I will go for the 28,5. Thats the same size as my Stroltz and i trust these guys. My old technica were to small. Took me 5 years and alot of pain to discover that..
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