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TJ Lanning hurt

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Yea that wipeout made me cringe quite a bit...

hope he pulls out of it
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 Good lord, his leg must have been tied in a knot.
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 I did not like that video at all. I actually am ploting revenge against epic for sending it to me.

really that is not for the faint of heart at all.
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The video is terrible, but I think the audio was even worse.
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That hurt;  A LOT  !   Not a good way to get a copter ride in Canada either.

Ski Channel did a good job covering the race though.
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That was pretty awful to watch. Something like that can end a career - let's hope that is not the case. Hopefully he is in the care of good doctors that can get him back together. Scary...
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It was terrible to watch. He was recovering from a prior injury also.
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