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Just found out about about the two-day, early-season Academy being offered at A-Basin on Saturday, December 5 and Sunday, December 6.  If you have never attended one of these, I highly recommend it!  Focused, individualized, high-energy coaching for all levels from some of the best instructors in the country.  I'm an instructor and the names of the coaches who will be there are the top of the top:  Weems Westfeldt (former head of the Ski Schools of Aspen, author, PSIA examiner), Bob Barnes (head of instructor training at Keystone, author, PSIA examiner) Annie Black ("Ski" magazine, Top 100 Instructor, PSIA examiner).  The price is less than a one-day private lesson at most ski mountains!  For anyone who wants to improve as a skier, I suggest you check out the EpicSki Academy area of this site.  There are always small groups divided by ability from intermediates to expert.  Highly recommended!

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Thanks, Mike! We've had such a good time, and such great results, at the early-season Stowe Academy for many seasons now--it's about time we brought the same opportunity to jump start the season to the Rocky Mountains. I can't wait!

"The Legend" had its earliest-ever opening this season, due to good early snow, cold nights, and high elevation. With these advantages, Arapahoe has the best conditions in Colorado. Snow is in the forecast for this weekend, and things are looking good.

For all you avid Colorado Front-Range skiers, you asked for it! It's your sport, and this is your best chance to bring your technique up a notch or two, break out of habits that hold you back, and develop a focus that will help you improve throughout the season. Aren't you curious about how you could ski even better, and get even more from the mountains in your back yard? The sport keeps evolving; equipment keeps improving. When was the last time you skied with a coach? Come on up and play!

CGeib at Arapahoe Basin copyright Bob Barnes
CGEIB at The Legend

Best regards,
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So sad that I cannot be at A-Basin -- but I will look forward to seeing you at Stowe the following week!
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Trekchick, you going to the Basin?
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 Oh baby, I wish I could!

I have some stuff to wrap up with my business so I can get to Stowe ESA with some breathing room. 
I'll be there in spirit, and I'll be there for the next one, I promise!!
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This seems like an awesome opportunity!  Work wont' let me break away until later this month.  Have a great time guys!
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Mike, are you coming to the Basin?  I'll be there.

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 Would it be possible to only attend the first day? I go to the Air Force Academy and am not sure I would be able to get away for two days.
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Habacomike:  Yep, just signed up.  See you there!
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