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How is Park City?

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So I live in Illinois which sucks.  Fortunately, a couple of my buddies are working out in Park City this winter and I'm planning on staying with them for a few weeks after Christmas and getting a season pass or something.  I'm curious as to how good of a place to ski it is because I don't know much about it apart from what you can find on the website and stuff. 

My experience for the most part involves our stupid midwest ski places with their 400 foot vertical drops and whatnot.  I actually went out to Seattle in the spring and skied Stevens Pass and Chrystal Mountain, which was awesome for me.  My favorite part of skiing out there was definitely going off trail and doing more of the backcountryish stuff.

Basically I'm sure it's going to be awesome considering my limited experience, but I don't really know what to expect and was wondering if you guys could tell me about it or give me advice or something?  Thanks!
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you should check to see when/if they stop selling season passes (or when they might raise the rates).  The good/bad news is that you have 3 areas, but they are not on the same pass.
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I'm going after christmas for the first time so I'll tell you about it when I get back!
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when you're out here, don't tell anyone you're from Illinois
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Hopefully, you get lucky like I did when I went for a week. It snowed every night anywhere from a foot to three feet. It was nuts. I really enjoyed the rollover type runs, as I don't get many of those at Mammoth.
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Originally Posted by carbonissimo View Post

when you're out here, don't tell anyone you're from Illinois

what is that suppose to mean?
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it'll blow your mind. Check Canyons website for passes... if you're under 25 you can get a pass for 500 bucks. Do a few daytrips to Alta/Bird. Our everyday reality is most skiers fantasy...
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Originally Posted by carbonissimo View Post

when you're out here, don't tell anyone you're from Illinois

Why is that?

I didn't realize there were three ski places right there, that's pretty cool.  Unfortunately I'm still in school and I can only afford getting a season pass to one of them, and maybe taking a day or two at the others...  Are Alta and Bird pretty close?  I'm not going to have a car, I'm either taking a bus or flying out there.

So which one should I get a season pass for?  Probably not Deer Valley because they don't appear to have any sort of student discount, but what would you guys recommend between Canyons and PCMR?  Or should I get one at all?

Thanks for the input, I appreciate it!
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Out of the resorts in the Park City area, (Deer Valley, The Canyons, Park City), Park City is by far me favorite resort.  I have only been there for spring skiing, but its a huge resort and spread out so you just have to find the snow conditions due to the time of the day.  If you have a car to rent I would suggest checking out Alta.  Its skiers only, but it is my favorite terrain in the Salt Lake city area, about a half hour drive or so from Park City.  Only resort I haven't been to in the area is Snowbasin.
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Originally Posted by lemmiwinks View Post

Why is that?

No reason I can think of. Is anyone in PC really a local?
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Park City has really grown on me.  I used to really view it as a family-only type of Mtn.  I have found the Jupiter Bowl area to be an incredible playground after a fresh snowfall.  The McConkey's area is also fun.  Given your baseline comparison point, I think you will find it to be very cool.  Try to stay out of the main base area until you are done with the the day.  You can spend the entire day up mtn and cruise between a couple of the main advanced areas (Jupiter, McConkey's etc).  If it is a POW day, I recommended spinning laps on the Thaynes lift until they drop the rope for Jupiter Bowl access.  Getting first tracks back there is quite fun.

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 I like PCMR, I have friends who like Canyons, everybody likes Deer Valley. Get a job there...or know someone who has one, they get "marketing coupons" that are good for free lift tickets. You'll meet somebody with a car for AltaBird trips. Just do it. if you don't, you'll be another year older....
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Awesome thanks for the input everybody!  Sounds like I'm probably gonna have to go with PCMR.  Now I've just gotta decide if taking a 34 hour bus ride is worth the 60 bucks I'd save...
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