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Fischer Watea 84 or Salomon Lord

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Hi everyone,

I'd like some advice... Salomon Lord or Watea 84s? 

I've done one season in Chamonix with my first pair of beginner skis (Salomon Scrambler 4s; sidecut 110/73/99) which were good to learn on but pretty hard work off piste once I'd improved!  By the end of the season I was skiing 50/50 piste/off-piste.

I'm heading back out to Chamonix for the winter season and want to get a pair of skis which will give me greater freedom off-piste while not restricting me on piste and that will allow my skiing to improve.  I'll still be spending the time 50/50 I reckon.  I'm 5'10", 163lb and was looking at 176cm Watea 84s or 177cm Salomon Lords.  

What do you all reckon?  


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I was pretty happy moving from Salomon Screams to Fischer Atuas when I skied in France, so I would vote for the 84s (which I own, but have yet to ski).  Also was happy with Fischer customer service as they replaced my Atuas with MIsfits when I bent one.  
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Watea 84s
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 That's what guy in shop said too, even though he'd make less selling me the Wateas.  Sounds like good advice, thanks.
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I've demoed quite a few skis this season and these two both stand out amongst the crowd for me, despite being very different.  I would be interested in bumping this thread to get a few more thoughts on these two skis.  The Lord seems to fly under the radar, but I did enjoy it.  However, the Watea 84 was a better ski on the groomers and still held it's own off-piste and in the bumps.

I skied the Watea in 176 in everything from packed groomers to waist deep powder in the slack-country, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It stands out as my favorite so far (have skied the K2 Extreme, Atomic Nomad, Dynastar Sultan 85), though I would like to take the Lord out for comparison in similar conditions.

A good friend has also recommended the Salomon Gun as an alternative, but I can't find too much info on that pair of sticks.
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 Just got back from a spring trip at Alta, UT.  I ski aggresively, downhill, and backcountry touring.  I actually demoed both the Watea 84 and the Salomon Lords.  Both awesome skis.  I was looking for something that will serve as an all mountain ski to ultimately hike with; i.e. put an AT binding on and use for days when powder is thin and crud and crust rule.  The Salomon Lord is the ski and I bought the demo (176).  It clearly held better and turned easier on the ice, crud, hardpack, and crusty bumps compared to the Watea 84.  I guess it will do fine in the POW, but that is not what I was looking for as I have fatter powder skis for that purpose.  Hope this helps.
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