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2 sizes too small

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     Is odd that the ski boots I find work best are 2 sizes smaller than the equivalent US size. For example my foot is size 9 by US standards so that would be equal to a 27. But the ski boots I find work best are 25.5 which are equal to a 7.5 US size. Do I not know how ski boots should fit and I have been wearing them totally wrong? or is there really that much difference among the sizing guides and way in which you wear them?

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just fine.

fit based on the shell fit, not on "size" numbers.   2-3 sizes is common.
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as dave has said, base it on the shell fit 10-20 mm behind the heel is a great place to be...any more and it is too big...much less and you need to be good friends with your fitter
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I shell fitted the Nordica SportMachine in a 25.5 I thought it was a perfect size (but not a responsive enough boot for me). I am looking to buy the Nordica Speedmachine 110 in a 25.5. I have tried the 26.5 and know it is 1 size too big. Would it be a bad choice for me to special order the 25.5 Speedmachine and have it fitted? (Non of my local shops carry 25.5 in high end boots...(Its souther california)) Only thing that worries me is that I will not be able to return a special order.
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if the length on the sport machine was good then it will be pretty close on the speed machine.. be brave.get them to order it in
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Your shoe size is not your boot size, size 9 does not equal 27, and the shell fit is the only gauge you have.

Find a real ski shop.

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Encouragement here!!---go with what SierraJim said.
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Thanks for all the help guys. I ended up buying the 2010 Dalbello Krypton Cross form a ski shop about an hour away. Yes thats the funky 3 piece shell with 3 buckles. The boot fits better that any other I have tried and preforms great. I've skied my new AC30's with the Krypton twice so far and have no regrets. I will also have the option to return the boots anytime if I have any problems with them, you gotta love the lifetime satisfaction guarantee. But I guess thats what you deserve for paying over 500.  
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