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Impact 10 vs Dragon 100 vs Speedmachine 110

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Hi all,

Brand new to the forum and have been recently fitted for new ski boots.  I have a medium width normal size foot and wear a US 10.  I was fitted in a 26.5 shell and was told that the 26.5 would give me the best performance fit and the next size up would be a more comfortable recreational fit.  I am also slightly knock kneed.  He recommended flexes between 90-110 so I tried on the Salomon Impact 10s, Technica Dragon 100, and Nordica Speedmachine 110s out of the recommendation of the fitter...and to be honest they all fit great with a slight edge to the Impact 10s in terms of best "out of the box" fit.  The fitter also said that any of these three were great choices and we would fine tune the fitting once I decided which boot/flex to go with.

In reading posts in this forum, I know that flex ratings vary from manufacturer and wanted to know how these three boots compared in terms of actual flex and which one would be the right boot for the type of skier that I am.

Level 7, all mountain, I do not consider myself to be an aggresive skier, ski medium to fast and make all sorts of turn radiuses, 70% on piste with little to no time spend in the park.  I 100% want something that I can ski in all day and continue to get better with.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi all,

I am not sure if my post is a violation of any rules or maybe if it is posted in the wrong forum, but some help would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm not sure what you are asking?

sounds like you have a few good boots to pick from, in the right size/flex options.
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My question is how those three boots compare in terms of actual flex...in reading this forum, I have read that flexes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.  For example, does Nordica make a stiffer 110 boot than Salomon?  Does the Technica Dragon 100 ski stiffer than 100 flex?  That is the information I am looking for to help make the decision since all of the fits are almost identical.

I am a golf pro and I would equate it to golf shafts...a stock stiff shaft in a Titleist driver is different than the stock stiff shaft in a Nike driver.  One isn't neccessarily better, just different characteristics for different styles of swings and players. It is very important to be able to know which shaft is most beneficial for the style player/swing you have to maximize playability and performance.  It is the shaft that drives the head, much like how its the boot that is connected to the ski.

I am sorry for the tangent, but that is the best way I can put my question into context and why I am asking it.
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OK got it.

The flexes are about the same, but will feel different to different people.  THis is due to boot size vs tibia length, (leverage leg vs boot) ankle possition (some boots line up better to some ankles) and shin profile/size.

What is a stiff 100 to some, is a soft 100 to others.

sorry, but it is up to you, and how you flex them.  

if you are not sure, get stiffer, as boots can be made softer.

flex also is second to fit.   I would think that all the boots you listed will have slightly different fits for you. so get the best fit first.
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