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bootfitter Boston suburbs

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A friend who lives in Natick returned to skiing last year and would like to find a good boot guy nearby. Any recommendations?
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Yes.  Drive to GMOL in VT. 
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There must be somebody good closer to Natick, but I can recommend Paul Richelson's Feet First in Plymouth, NH. I think you might be able to get an appointment in Concord, too.
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Skinners at Sunapee is supposed to be good but I've never been there.  Would be about half the trip to VT.  Stan and Dan would be an easier drive (all highway) but I haven't been there either.
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I just had a bootfitting session with Tim Hogan at Ski Stop in Westwood, MA.  The shop is a America's Best Bootfitters certified store, and most of the employees, including Tim, are Masters Course qualified bootfitters.  I have tough to fit feet, and they had a great selection of boots offering me a variety of options.
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Ski Stop is good. You might want to have him stop in and talk to the guys at Summit in Framingham. It's on Route 9 in Framingham Center, right at the bottom of the hill from Framingham State.

Have your friend send me a Casey's pepperburger, onion in w/the works. Thanks.

Edit: Avoid Ski Market like the plague.
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Lief at Strand's in Worcester is a great bootfitter.
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Originally Posted by CHRISfromRI View Post

Lief at Strand's in Worcester is a great bootfitter.

They fit my boots.  Excellent selection, lots of experience.  Easy to get to.  Definitely check them out.
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