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Boot Planing

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What is the preferred procedure for returning  the toe and heel to Din specifications. Do you plane the sole and then build up the top of the toe-heel or do you add a piece to the bottom of the sole after planing of the and then grind off the top of the toe heel.  What material do you use? Thanks
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After planing the sole to the desired angle, I redress the toe and heel ramp to the correct angle and install a lifter to the bottom of the boot. Once the lifter is attached the toe and heel lugs get routered down to the correct height. This is the cleanest most accurate way to do this.

In the olden days (pre lifters) we used to mix up urethanes or epoxies that had to sit overnight. This was prone to chipping and required much more time for a less reliable result.

Very small amounts of canting, 1 degree or less, can often be planed into a new boot without taking it below DIN. In these instances no build up is required.

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Can you give me the name of the supplier for the lifter that you attach to the bottom of the boot?
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All of the major boot manufacturers make lifters (with colors to match their boots). Generic lifters are available from the Soze group, Racestock Sports and Green Mtn. Orthotic Lab. They are typically made in several thicknesses from 3mm to 8mm.

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Don't know where you are but I can sell you a set of lifters.
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Thanks for the offer but it looks like I found a source.
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 Remember, once you attach the lifters it is imperative to have the toe and heel lugs routered back to DIN specs!  and this requires a special jig and bit not found in most garages!
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