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Do You Give Thanks? (a poll)

Poll Results: Do you thank the lifties?

  • 46% (14)
    Yes, always
  • 3% (1)
    No, never
  • 13% (4)
    Only on fixed grip chairs
  • 23% (7)
    Only when they give good service
  • 13% (4)
    When I feel like it
30 Total Votes  
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 Happy Thanksgiving!

I was raised to always give the lifty a "thank you" as they help me load onto the chair.  This was when all lifts were fixed grip where the operator has to pull back the chair to help it lift you away rather than let it slam into the back of your legs by doing nothing.

Over the last decades high speed lifts have been added to the mix.  On these the lift operator does not actively help the average skier onto the lift, just the occasional small child, freaked out newbie, or random klutz.  However, they do clean ice and snow off of chairs.

I have found that I still thank the lifties who do something to load me whether it be the pull-back, or clear crud off the chair, or both.  I do not thank the ones who just stand there.

The other day I observed lots of people loading but not thanking.  It made me wonder if I'm a freak or a dinosaur.

What do you do in that situation?
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I always encourage them and I also talk to their supervisor when they neglect the customers. As in sleeping, rudeness or not attending the lift for whatever reason . It seems most of the problems occur off loading where there is less supervision and some take advantage of that.
The lifties are an important part of keeping our customers safe and I show them all the love I can for all the good they do as part of the job. Some and probably most lifties are great front men and women for the mountain and deserve our respect  and thoughtful considerations.
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Never did and never thought about it that way before, I guess i am quite the insensitive twit.
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I thank them most of time.
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It may not always be a THANK YOU, but there will be some conversation if we make contact.  That gets to be a boring job with no shortage of rude people, I don't need to be another one.

I thank the clerk at the convenience store.
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Id say 90% of the time I thank them. Fixed grip chairs more so. I think the only time I DONT thank them, is if they're talking with another liftie.
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Here, more like "thanks for standing there, talking to your colleague, smoking a cigarette and letting the line build up instead of loading the sixpack to capacity."

Tram lifties are another story. Always get to know them by name. They can make or break your season...
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I always do when I'm skiing solo and usually do if they or I are not otherwise engaged in convo. When it's -5 outside and with windchill feeling like -25, letting someone know you appreciate that they're there is not a bad idea.
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 I grew up with a great and very nice man named Dennis Parsons loading me onto the lifts at Sugarloaf Maine. The man had such a contagious smile that you could not help but thank him, it has trained me to say thanks to the lifties.
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I thought it was about giving thanks on Thanksgiving, not about thanking lifties... ;)

I learn to ski when there's nothing but fixed grip chairs. So I got into the habit of saying thank you every time.

But since then, as more and more chairs gone detachable and frankly many lifties don't even stand next to the loading zone, it's hard to shout thank you at the empty space!

Now, if I'm approaching a fixed grip, I say hi to the lifties as I slide into the loading spot. That often got their attention enough even when they were chatting with others. The objective is I like it when the lifties slow the chair down!!! ;-) I would say thank you for their help. I noticed some of my random chair-mates were startled by it.

Some lifties are cheerful we exchange a quick pleasentry. Others, a quick thanks is all is needed. There're occasional really sad lifties who wouldn't acknowledge my existance even after I gone around 3 times in 10 minutes!!!
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Of course I value a good bump so I do thank the lift ops when it is warranted, which is most of the time.  Often I'll do laps on one lift.  Then either the conversation goes beyond the cursory or the thank you turns into eye contact and a nod of appreciation.
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Of course I thank the lifties!
I try to say thanks to everybody for everything, even to people who cut in front of me in lift lines. Of course, with them I say "thanks" after I use the backs of their skis to sharpen my edges...
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 I've always had an easier time getting on a chair that has not been touched by the lift op. The less they do, the better as far as I'm concerned. I thank them anyway, but changing the speed of the chair as it approaches me is not helpful to me at all, although I understand other people do find that helpful.

JDoyal, I was impressed with the very personable lift attendants at Sugarloaf when I visited there many years ago. The coolest one though was working the Widowmaker tbar, although he did not chat me up or otherwise show proper guest-centered servitude. After he realized I could use the lift unassisted, he stayed in his shack and just nodded and smiled at me. I think I was the only one using his tbar, he would turn it off when I got to the top, but it would be running again when I got to the bottom. That's service!
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I like to talk to the liftis, and they ususaly have a nice work or two for me.  Never hurts to be nice.

When its cold as hell and you can see they are just trying to get through thier shift.  I leave them alone.  But making eye contact and throwing out a random kind word is never a bad move when interacting with other humans in any situation

Bummed out foul people are such a bummer
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definitely, a nod and a smile, a what's up or a thank you, depends
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 I always thank the liftie and often give him/her a snack from our tailgating(when we tailgate).  You'd be surprised how many of them get to know us by name and how often we get "one more run" at the end of the day.
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