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Snowboarding attire

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We need to clean up our act.  We'll never be taken seriously as long as we wear wild outfits.  Check out this snowboarder admiring the classy outfit of a skier.....   

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Looks like Gaper Day at Steamboat.   BTW,  Gaper Day is April 1st there.   If someone wears something like that on non-Gaper Day, expect to be harassed there.  I witnessed the locals tormenting skiers using skinny skis, rear entry boots, and wearing gaper gear.   They did it from the lifts, and yelled at people from cars while driving through downtown.  Pretty merciless.
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Yep that rider's pretty lame. His pants aren't nearly baggy enough.
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HAHAHA, that is pretty epic right there. My friends and I go gaper spotting all the time. Of course, in PA, it's like shooting 12 point deer in Santa's yard. We don't taunt them though... we just snicker amongst ourselves.
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Gaper day ought to be called Retro day out of respect for all the gapers, er retro skiers, that subsidize our habit all year long.

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 That is actually a typical skiier, But that snowboarder needs to sort his outfit as well there clearly isnt enough colour going on

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Def. That snowboarder is so gaper. He is missing 90% of the color palate, and most of the bright colors! Get with it dood

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sloppy just like your lines

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Me and SkierGirl777 spotted this Gem at SugarBowl last March...



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This makes me wish I had more color in my outfits, I usually wear black everything. :(

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