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Just skied the Elan Fusion S8

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Man, I am borderline intermediate (so I say), just starting to make my parallel turns pretty good. Today me and the wife went to the NC Mountains and got to ski in fresh powder for the first time. We are starting to buy gear. Instead of using the old resort rentals I decided to invest in a demo setup for the day, MAN!!!!!!!!!!! I ski way better then I thought I did, with loose fitting rental boots, and sloppy ski’s. I only crashed twice, hehe.

Questions: I do not want to be hasty since today was my first experience on nice ski's, but I want to buy some ELAN Carbon Fusion S8's. Is that too hasty?

With these ski's, tighter boots, and a little more aggressiveness (effort) with my turns, I could not miss a turn, felt like I was on rails (legs did actually ache at end of day). These ski’s just cut into it, or was it the fresh powder I have never skied on? Two weeks ago we where at Winterplace on resort rentals and when parallel turning to the right my non-dominant left ski did not want to follow.

Thanks for any help
The Rookie
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It's a fine ski, and sounds like it suits you.

If you have any doubts, you may wish to demo a few others too, to learn the lay of the land...

Whatever you do, don't get into a ski that is over your head -- it'll be too hard to ski/learn much of anything.
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Some will tell you to buy skis to "grow into". Not a good idea. If you're succeeding with the S8 set up, stick with it. "Nothing succeeds like success". When, as and if you reach the point where you crave more speed than feels comfortable on the S8, and you have developed the strength and skills to enjoy a more "souped up" set of slats, then move on up.

For now, though - SUCCEED! Stay with equipment that is working for you, and devote your skiing attention to top instruction and skill development - that's where it IS . . . or, as the current perverse idiom goes, "That's where it's AT!"

Good luck, and keep reporting on your progress and FUN!
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Thank you for the replies, I really did like that S8, I do think I might Demo a couple more but I feel like my heart is set. It will be my first set of ski's so I am sure I can't go completely wrong?? My wife is still making wedge christie's so she will probably get whatever I get. I will try to be smart and try several others first. Thanks
Clueless skier!!!
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