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west / vs east weather trends

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Is it just me or does the west, primariliy pacific northwest get more early season snow?  Just a few answers needed, or maybe a link to an old post...  What are the general weather trends for pac nw, rockies, and east.
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I think in general the west just gets more snow all the time - early, mid and late season.  Most western resorts don't stay open as late into April as they could, not for lack of snow, but for lack of interest.  Meanwhile eastern resorts open as soon as snow allows and stay as late as possible - but by the end of the season out east there are patches of brown all over.  

I don't think there are trends - but there are cycles.  Some years suck out west but are good east and vice versa.  I'm not sure there's ever a good season both east and west though?  Last 2 seasons out east have been phenomenal.  Not that you can tell from November, but it's not looking like a good year for eastern skiing this year.  What's the trend there? 

About 6 years ago (I think) was a pretty bad winter for western skiers and in fact I spent a week at Fernie (BC) where there were only 2 runs open and it was warm and rainy the whole time - and that was in January!  Brutal.  But I think bad snow winters are less common out west.

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It was the 04/05 season that was brutal for Southern BC and Northwest US - the only one that happened since the mid-70s and hasn't happened since - so that's a pretty good track record compared with other parts of the world, which have droughts on (what seems like) a regular basis.  One notable exception that poor season would be Big White, which had a 6 foot base in the village, while virtually every other BC resort was suffering.
This year, we've had over 18 feet of snowfall already, which is a record for the snowiest month ever in Whistler.
The snow statistics guru, Tony Crocker has chimed in on these types postings on a regular basis - giving his support for Whistler/Blackcomb having the most reliable conditions in North America for US Thanksgiving.  Although it rained almost to the top yesterday, there definitely aren't any rocks showing on the upper 3500 vertical feet of the slopes. 
Incidentally, today we've got the first sunny day up there since opening day earlier this month, with a ton of fresh snow at the top of 7th Heaven and the glaciers.

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Pacific Ocean+Artic Air Mass+Jet Stream=Snow
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 I've noticed that when it does one thing here in the PNW it does the opposite on the east coast.  It seems to have to do with the positioning of the jet stream.

Beric mentioned '04-'05 as being an awful year.  It was here, no doubt, but it was a great year in the East.  Last summer we had the driest, nicest weather you can imagine with day after day of beautiful weather.  In the East it rained hard all summer with records set of rainy days and floods.
This year we have started off with snow up the bazoo and the easterners are moaning because it's so warm.

There's a pattern here.
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