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Steamboat condo's?

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Hi All,

Taking the family our first western trip since we had kids. We'll be out there 2/20-27. Me, my lovely wife and two boys...12 yr old avid skier....10 yr old couch potato who skis some but wants to learn snowboarding this year. We're getting a CO 5th and 6th grade passport for the kids. That's 4 tics for the 12 yr old and 3 for the 10 yr old. My wife and I have never been to Steamboat before so we thought we would ski there for a few days and them hit Copper for a couple days heading back towards Denver. I've started looking at condo rentals on VRBO. A lot of options. I'm looking for something close to the lifts in case my youngest decides to quite early. My wife may not want to ski all day either. Particularly if there's a lot of that nasty, fresh snow around. I'd like to find a condo that's nice, but not luxurious, has a hot tub and has either a very short shuttle ride or, better yet, a very short walk to the lifts. Ski in/ski out would be fantastic but I also know it comes at a price, sometimes a hefty one. Can anyone give me some condo complex names that might fit the bill? We'de be looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom. I'm looking for suggestions to narrow down the search on VRBO. TIA!
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You may want to try posting on steamboats forum.
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Check out Storm Meadows.  Stayed there last year.  Ski in and short walk out.  Not the nicest on the mountain but acceptable.
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Storm Meadows, Bearclaw, Canyon Creek, The Lodge or The West all fit that bill.  Nice, not overly expensive and either ski-in/out or a shuttle ride of less than five minutes.

VRBO can be a blessing or not.  You can save some money but some properties will limit amenities (shuttle rides for example) for people renting "back-channel."  I learned this the hard way.  Not a blanket statement but it happened to me at Storm Meadows.
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As an owner over at Canyon Creek, I would love for you to request my unit, A302. I can give yo more info via PM. Just an FYI- if you VRBO in the steamboat proterties, most will not allow you to use the shuttle services. They are really cracking down on that.

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Thanks for the head's up on the "second class citizen" status. That's really lame and I will definitely check on that before confirming a reservation. I saw quite a few Storm Meadows listings. Are there any to stay away from? Too far off the beaten path, really old and ratty, next to a 24 houtr gravel pit operation? Please don't take offense if someone says something negative about your condo complex, they're opinions......


Finndog.....PM sent.

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 I have stayed at both Yampa View and Timber Run.  They are not ski in/ski out, but just a 2 min. shuttle ride away, that comes about every 5 min.  Both are reasonably priced and have a hottub.  Yampa View also has a nice view of the whole valley.  I'm staying at Timber Run again in a few weeks.
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I would echo the comment about the shuttles and storm meadows.  No access via VRBO but we didn't find it to be a big deal.  It is a 5 to 10 minute walk to the base area and the steamboat bus stop - the public bus system is very good and free.  Were able to ski right up to the back door of the building.  Walked across the street to ski down to the base. Building was very acceptable from quality standpoint.  Not top of the line but you are not paying top of the line prices either.  Good value for ski in/out.
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As both an Owner at Storm Meadows and Association Manager of one of the buildings up there, I can say with authority that if the building is serviced by private shuttle, anybody is entitled to use it regardless of how or where they booked the unit (because the shuttle is paid for by the Owners and not by any one specific Management company)

Now it's true that the shuttle doesn't service all of the Storm Meadows Buildings so the only reason you would be denied use of it is if you're staying in one of those buildings that doesn't contribute towards the operating cost of the shuttle.

The Storm Meadows Buildings that DO pay for and have use of the shuttle are:

Storm Meadows Club Buildings, A, B & C
Storm Meadows Club Townhouses
Storm Meadows East
The Spa at Storm Meadows
The Trails at Storm Meadows
The Ridge Townhomes
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Hi. I own a town home in Steamboat. I do not rent it out but would consider it. It is on the free bus route. 2 bedrooms with a loft. 3 bathrooms, 2 w/ showers. It has a private hot tub and a garage.
All of our belongings are in the town home. It is very nice. Tell me more about your dates.PS Go on good rental site.
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I'll second Yampa View.  have stayed in a really nice 2B that was affordable.  Close to the slopes, great shuttle service to Ski Times and downtown and 2 outdoor hot tubs.  I would stay at YV again, no questions asked.
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Thanks for all the great feedback! I still have more looking to do but I feel like I have a lot more information to make an good decision. Cheers to all!
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