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Upon reconsideration of this effort, I believe the best "value" will be in the early introduction to the head equipment and not injury protection. 'Wrong group. 6 and under, in a lesson is not an "at risk" population.

A good start however.

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Sorry weems.

This is a great article.

The author believes that skier safety and lessons should be the focus.

And, that helmets are possibly causing more skier/rider accidents. Because, with a helmet, one gets the idea they're "invincible".

Anyway, here it is.
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Try to tell this to the trauma docs in the ER's who see a much higher death and permanent damage rate on those without helmets than those with--year after year, age group after age group, ability level after ability level.

Little Leonie died against a tiny tree on fast snow.

Little Eliot survived with full recovery against a huge tree on fast snow.

Guess which one had a helmet?

You're gonna see a lot of articles like that, and they remind us of the tobacco companies discussions about smoking not being really so bad, when people are dying all around them.
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I think the tobacco companies are the helmet and ski manufacturers.

In fact, in this discussion, I think they're your and ever other ski instructors worst enemy. Because;

1) Helmet companies are convincing everyone that skiing is dangerous and that helmets are now needed.

2) Ski manufacturers are telling everyone that skiing is easier with shaped skis.

So what's the real message from 1 and 2?

That if you buy a helmet and get these shaped skis, you can walk right by the ski school. No lessons are needed.

You don't see it, but it's true. Helmet companies, ski companies, they're all competing for that little extra dollar in the skiers pocket. Aren't you competing for that same dollar?

I think you are. And I think you better start to realize it before ski instruction gets lost in the shuffle - if it hasn't already.

Who's talking about lessons? Who's talking about safety?

No one, that's who.

Start talking about lessons, start talking about skier safety, and you'll sell both, I guarantee you.

You'll win back that dollar that get's getting spent on helmets and all that other crap.
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We're talking about it all!

I also disagree with the argument that helmets make you feel invulnerable or overconfident. That's purely a function of the person. Some do, some don't. Usually the person who feels invulnerable in a helmet is pretty much gonna feel that way anyway. It's awfully far-fetched to say: because he wore a helmet he skied faster, and because he skied faster he is dead. I think this is more a function of testosterone than helmets. For a six year old, it's a ridiculous argument.

"...helmets and all that other crap"? Did you not know that brain injuries are less severe with helmets, and deaths are less frequent?

Do you think we ought to take that kind of chance with just one more kid?

Well, it doesn't matter because we're not.

For us, this is the right thing to do. I've had my own kids in helmets for their entire lives. They've all had head injuries that likely could have been fractures without them. They wear them voluntarily now. It's a good look for kids and they're comfortable with them--as are most of the kids around here.

You seem kind of negative today. PSIA sucks. Helmets suck. Money sucks. You okay?

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Oh yeah man, I feel great.

I just don't understand why everyone isn't capitalizing on what I see to be the biggest reasons for ski instruction ever.

Ski instruction is not where it ought to be. Skiers spend money on helmets and all the other gadgets (previously called crap) and they're not thinking about lessons. Why?

Because the industry hasn't given skiers a reason to think about lessons!

All the ski instruction industry would have to do is rally around a central message of how important lessons are, and the lessons business would grow.

Speaking of the gang, this is what they should be spending their energy on. Convincing ski area operators to promote a central theme for ski instruction. Showing them why it's in their best interests to do so.

Gotta go, gotta basketball jonez.

Cheers weems, I'll catch you later.
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I disagree with the mandatory thing also unless the kids are in a regular ski school program where they take lessons every week or what ever. Then one of the benefits of kids having a helmet is they put the name on the front and back and you know who they are right away.

As for normal helmet use, one of the best reasons to wear one is your head never gets cold. Rain, hail, snow doesn't matter anymore. The Giro fits me really well it's almost like a hat except now it's cracked- from gates I think.
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SCSA. That is a good point. Thanks.

TOG. You know your Giro is now worthless since it is cracked right? I got a Giro too the other day. It's the only one I can hear out of.

I'd rather not do mandatory things either, but of the 5% of parents who did not already have their kids in helmets, NONE complained about it when we required it. I think they just didn't know, and it's our job to tell them.

I wouldn't run bike trips and make helmets optional. The mess is too ugly. We're just extending that to the little guys.
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