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First Time Ski Buyer, Got A Couple Options...Any Advice Welcome!!

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I'm headed to Snowshoe over New Years, and Breckenridge for a week in mid-February.  I ski at least twice a year, so I figure I'll buy instead of rent...but since my justification for buying is to avoid renting, I don't want to spend THAT much.

Here are the two options I've seen so far, but please suggest any others if I'm on the wrong track...I'm open to ANY ideas.

1) Level 9 Sports
Skis - http://www.levelninesports.com/head-xenon-railflex-skis-156cm-p-5072.html - $90

Bindings - Raliflex 10 - $85

Boots - http://www.levelninesports.com/roxa-cruise-mens-ski-boots-black-wintuition-liners-285-p-6845.html - $150
TOTAL: Skis/bindings, boots, poles, bag, shipping: $390

2) Local Store (Alpine Ski Shop)
Skis: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180426531105 (eaxctly like these) - $386 with bindings
Boots: $150..cant remember the name, 40/50 Flex
TOTAL: Skis/bindings, boots, poles, tax - $500

I'm 5'8", 155lbs, and consider myself an advanced beginner/lower intermediate (but i could be off in that assessment)...I can ski the east coast blues with ease, but avoid the blacks thus far...though I do like to go fast and cut left and right pretty easily.

Now I'm also hoping to get something better than the average rental...so if this isn't that then let me know, and/or point me in right direction where I can find better than rental for ~$400ish

Thanks for any input!


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First off.....get a boot fitting. If you get something just based on your shoe size or trying something on at a box store, you will buy them TOO BIG. Your boots are THE MOST important piece of equipment you'll ever own, so spend some time and money with a professional on this. Trust me, you'll be happy you did. Well fitted boots can last for years!

Then, and only then, buy skis. Something used/cheap, whatever is fine until you're ready to step it up a bit.
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take your money, spend it on a descent pair of boots and rent skis. The boots need to fit you, the skis are much less important. Boots are easy to travel with, skis are a hassle. What you will get for $400 skis/boots/bindings/poles won't be better than rental, but a well fitting boot will be a HUGE improvement.
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I second the opinions on getting a good pair of boots.  Ski boots are the most important piece of ski gear and you can't buy boots online (unless you've already had a fitting and know exactly what you want to buy).  If you go cheap and buy a package, you'll only regret it later as you will probably quickly exceed your equipment and then you'll have to buy decent stuff anyway.  Buy boots from a b&m store, and rent demo skis at the resort. 

If you're really set on buying skis, rent different models during your two ski trips and then in March look online for the best after-season prices on the skis you liked the most.  Then you'll be set for next year with a good pair of boots and a brand new pair of skis.  Pre-season is the worst time to buy a new pair of skis because you will be paying the highest price.
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 Thanks for the info about boots, I'll definitely buy those local.

Can you all check out those skiis/bindings and let me know if they're decent though?  I'm having trouble finding *any* reviews on them.

Skis - http://www.levelninesports.com/head-xenon-railflex-skis-156cm-p-5072.html - $90

Bindings - Raliflex 10 - $85

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Not a good ski for breckenridge unless you were going to stick completely to groomers.  Very narrow waste and very short for you.  They're cheap, but not necassarily a good deal.  Also, remember you'll need to get a bag and may have to pay more than $90 in baggage fees to bring these things with you.

I know how you feel - wanting your own skis, but as others have said, it's probably best just to buy boots and rent skis for now.  If you must buy skis, spending $300-400 seems more realistic and will be a better long term value.  Check tramdock, evogear, O2gearshop...
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