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Head Jimi 110 or Joe 105?

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So in my quiver I have the Armada ar6 for park and the k2 recon for all mountain.  Basically I want to know if my third ski should be a rocker powder ski, or fat traditional camber.  And secondly which of these two are basically better for my goals of transitioning from powder to bumps/trees/crud.

I ski Copper in Summit County and would like to use the selection of these two for most of my riding.  The jimi is a rocker sandwich tip.  Basically it is the same dimensions as the shogun +5 underfoot.  I would like to think this ski will be my best bet, but I was wondering if anyone has used a rocker ski in thick trees and how it performed.

On second hand the Joe 105 is the full wood core classic camber ski with the composite topsheet.  This makes me think that this ski will be like last year's gun which I personally preferred to ride most days I was in the bumps/trees.  The only thing that bothers me is the bigger radius on the Joe.

I'm going with one of these ski's because it is basically the best deal I can find.  I believe all the ski companies are putting out good products these days.  Hoping someone has some insight into which one of these skis are going to be a better all mountain powder ski for me.
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Can you give your height/weight and what length you're thinking of in each ski. 

I've skied both but don't have enough time on the Jimi 110 to really compare it realistically in bumps and trees.  I've skied on the Mojo 105 (essentially the Joe 105) a lot and it skis just fine in moderate bumps and it's quite easy to turn in trees when there's some soft snow around.  I could be wrong (I haven't looked them up), but I think the turn radius is almost the same for both skis.

I'll be skiing the Jimi as my big-dump skis this winter so I should have a little more feedback a month or so from now.
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Ht 5'10, 195lbs.

I would plan on skiing the 180 size of the one I choose.
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My current pow stick is a rossi dualtech. I'm looking hard at the joe 105. I'm a 6-1 250#(fat bastard). My home hill is Snowbasin. I love to be down in it cranking out turn after turn. On a scale of 1-10 how much am I gonna love this ski? I'm a Head rep and have been told the john is gone so I guess it's the joe or nothin'
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