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Wintertime Night Cyclocross Racing

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Something feels wrong.

It's nearly Thanksgiving.
Tahoe just had their first decent size snowfall of the season.
Skis are tuned, quiver is dialed for the season.
Nights are getting much colder finally here in the NorCal Sierra foothills.

But I'm not that amped to ski yet this year

and part of it I think, is because I've finally gotten passionate about another activity aside from skiing.  Namely, mountain biking and during the fall/winter, cyclocross racing in particular.

So what I'm REALLY excited about now is me and group of buddies have worked long and hard to open a new, unique venue to cyclocross racing, NIGHT cyclocross racing, in my hood.  For the past 25 years, my hometown of Folsom, CA has held a fairly big rodeo in town every July around the 4th of July holiday.  For those that are into that sort of thing, its a pretty big deal.  Folsom has a dedicated "rodeo arena" just for this one event.  It's a pretty cool arena, and I always would ride by it on my bike (it's right next to a trail network) and think, "damn it's a shame they only use this venue for one rodeo for a few days out of the year".

But now, we've finally found another use for t.  NIGHT CYCLOCROSS RACING!!!

Every Wednesday night from now until February we will be holding night cyclocross racing under the lights of the Folsom rodeo arena.  It's a win-win situation as the City was looking for a  way to get more use out of the venue, and all of us in the cycling community are always looking for new and fun places to ride.  Especially this time of year at night since the local rangers have been cracking down on night riding in our favorite local haunts (which are all State Recreation Areas that technically close at sundown).

So we made our pitch to the City.
They went for it.
We got insurance.
A handful of sponsors.
And tonight we put the finishing touches on the course, and set up $700 worth of lights to set the trails behind the stadium aglow so the course can take us out of the stadium (after a run up 30 stairs), around the back, and into the lighted "Sherwood Forest" where a bunch of 'cross style surprises will await.

I'm so stoked!!!

Hopefully people show up


Looking down the steps that racers will have to run up after going through the course in the midde of the arena.  After sprinting to the top of these stairs, racers will remount and head around the back of the stadium to the lighted Sherwood Forest:

The course will wind through the cattle holding pens.  It gets freaking narrow through these fences and there WILL be bottlenecks and crashs


a part of Sherwood Forest:

The snow can wait.  It will come eventually...but for now, I am content


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OMG, that looks like sooooooo much fun!!!!!
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THAT was a fun night!  First race of our little series, and everything went off without a hitch.  47 racers showed up with no clue what they were in for and we pummeled the crap out of them for 35 minute races.  After doing some 100-mile MTB races on my singlespeed, I am amazed at the amount of pain that can be wrought out of a person within a short 35 minute race...after the 2nd lap ( of 6) I thought I was ready to hurl, but somehow you find a way to keep chasing after that tire in front of you to reel the next guy in. 

Without any holiday interference, and some word-of-mouth good vibes, I'm betting we can get to 75 racers next week and into the hundreds easily by mid-season. 

I'm completely worked and spent and happy.  Life is good.  

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Pics from first event:

me about to hurl:

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