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I ski my best when I let my feet/skis push me around. Isn't that what's happening after all. I have to find a force to push my body where I want to go and I have been given this wonderfull tool with which I can generate this force. I work to carefully line up my body with this force so that I can make the most efficent use of the force. I don't go down the hill in some kind of controlled fall. I go down the hill and across it in powered flight. I'm Iron Man and I can fly with the rockets in my feet.


PS. DV opens in the morning. I have the opening weekend off so I start with eggs benedict at Snow Park lodge then on to the slope for our twelve lifts and twenty-two runs.
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What are you sprinkling on those eggs to result in all this "flying" stuff, YD? :~)

I like to think my center of mass (easy to watch because it's right there in front of me) is moving always into the future. This thought helps keep my butt in front of my heels.
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Gee Ydnar--a thread about "Skiing" here at EpicSki! Isn't that a little off-topic?

I agree with you completely. When we speak of "pressure" on the skis, we should recognize that that pressure is exactly the FORCE that pushes us around the mountain, causing our turns. This may be slightly oversimplified, as gravity plays a role in the "pressure" we feel as well--sometimes increasing it, sometimes decreasing it. But pressure is not some independent factor or some technical option--it is the very essence, and the cause, of turns.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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I just couldn't think of a good title for the thoughts I wanted to put down.

We talk about changing the way that people think about skiing as one of the most important things that we as instructors can do to help our students and how they view the force under their feet is a profound change in their thinking. I've seen students go from stiffly fighting their way through a turn working hard to resist "cen-tri-fugal" force to driving forward through a turn propelled by that force under their feet. As we here at Epic like to talk about making positive movements to make Epic turns, I think that this helps produce a positive frame of mind. No thought of resisting going "that way" just the idea of going 'this way".

Gravity is a constant compared to the force we generate under our feet and, espically at speed, is dwarfed by the force under our feet. When I am 'flying' on skis the gravity force vector just becomes one component of the force that I feel under my feet. At lesser speeds gravity becomes more of a factor that requires attention and I begin to think in terms of gravity and the propulsive force as being separate.

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I posted this in a previous Yd thread. I hope you don't mind I've copied it here. It just seemed to be right in line with the topic:

I propose we view gravity as the FORCE. Our goal in skiing then becomes to become one with the FORCE. That means we position ourselves (in a flowing sense of course) both physcially and mentally in a position to always use the FORCE to achieve our true and honorable goals. We know that if we can achieve oneness with the FORCE in this fashion then we can make our world (the Planet Skiing in the Universe of Winter and Mountains) a near perfect place to live. But ....

There is a DARK SIDE to the FORCE to which many of our planetary citizens succomb. Instead of being one with the FORCE they use the FORCE by resisting it. To those of us who are enlightened, we recognize the evil of such use of the FORCE. However, to those who have gone over to the DARK SIDE they only revel in the power they feel from using the force in such a distorted and evil fashion. They often believe that their approach is the more powerful and scoff at our attempts to win them from the DARK SIDE.

So in my search for oneness, I am going to go out and try to advance my true mastery of the FORCE. I know that the evil DARK SIDE may raise is spectre at times but I vow to avoid such temptation the very best I can.

Best, Jedi Si

Oops, almost forgot - May the FORCE (and your skis) be with you! [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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