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WTB - Fischer Watea 78

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Looking for a pair of Fischer Watea 78. Either 167cm or 174cm.

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Thanks... Looking for a set of skis with bindings.
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The shop I've been working at has a flat pair for $279...and we sell bindings (so do shops everywhere, of course), too (or do you mean you want the railflex bindings???)

Our railflex equipped models are selling for 490.00 (last year's)-don't know if that's a deal or not for you, but we have them (167 and 174's).

PM if interested.

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 I have brand new unmounted ones for $240, 2007 model same as the current one but with different graphics (red and white I like better than the currnt ones), sorry I don't have any bindings but they are easy to obtain, the advantage of buying skiis and bindings seperate is YOU can choose your binding rather than being dictated by the manufacturer or dealer.
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