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How To Help An Untidy Skier.

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I ski with this guy on a regular basis who has been skiing for 18+ years, And is an advanced skier but has this annoying problem, He tends to swing is shoulders when turning he would become a lot better and smoother skier only if he could stop doing this as it looks very untidy, so has anyone got any suggestions on how to fix this, Before any one suggests ski school no it wont happen, Any drills and tips will be appreciated thanks.
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I'll throw out an idea. Have him extend his arms like he would normally do to carry his poles while skiing, turn the hands palms up (or down if he insists on grabbing the poles during the drill). Lay his poles across his wrists. This is the important part...he may not hold the poles with his hands, cup the poles to his body or secure the poles in any way.

Now have him ski, if he throws his upper body or shoulders in any way, the poles will fall. I've had this work to help quiet the shoulder rotation or excessive upper body movement. They must learn to move subtly and quietly with the upper body or lose their poles. Hopefully it will help.
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roscco there are many ways a skier can swing the shoulders when skiing. Can you give some more details on what is happening.

I have a friend who will not even take lessons from me. Its not my problem that he goes on skiing the way he does and ingnorance is bliss. The blissfully ingorant have a lot of fun on the hill. Its only when they really clue in that they become discontent. A catch 22 situation.
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I'll also throw out a thought. Never offer unsolicited skiing help to friends and significant others, especially since you already recognised that this friend is resistant to taking lessons. 9 times out of 10, your well-intentioned help will not be accepted with the degree of gratefulness that you think you've deserved.

Besides, as Pierre pointed out. Ignorance can be bliss. If your friend is having fun doing what he is doing, then that is all that counts. Until he recognises and wants more refinement in his technique, he is perfectly happy where he is at.

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Challenge(/bet) your buddy to a race (preferably on a side by side course if you can find one), no poles, hands held together behind your back.
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