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Volkl Bridge

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I ski the east (mostly Sugarloaf and Sunday River) in the winter and once a year I will ski out west.  I ski everything out west, back bowls and all and really like skiing trees.  In the east, I rip down groomers and mess around in the park.  I am looking to buy skis and someone suggested the bridges.  They look like a nice ski but im not throwing down 360s or anything and I am definitely not looking for a park ski.  I wanted to hear what you guys thought.  Will the volkl bridges be able to rip down groomers in the east and ski powder in the west.  I am looking for a ski that will work in both areas.
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The Bridge is a great all-around ski (I've had a pair in my quiver for two years).  I think the way Volkl markets this ski is kind of a joke; you don't see these in the park with that kind of taper.  This is an all mountain twin tip, a little on the stiff side with more of a glassy feel than you usually get from Volkls.  They grip very well and I have found them to be great rippers and if you don't have (or don't want to have) a separate powder ski they will do fine.  I'm 6'1" and 215# level 8/9 and they've never let me down.  You can get the '09's on for $389 no shipping and no tax.  And if you get them I would encourage you to split the difference on the mounting points (the rear point is too far back).  
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My only concern about the bridges is am I just best off getting non twin tips.  Jet fuels, volkl ac 50s, or salomon xw furys were other skis that I was considering.  I am 5'5" 160 lbs.  I just need to hear what people think about these  bridges.  I want something that will grip well and carve.
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Can't go wrong with the Bridge or the Mantra for all-mountain versatility.  Buy if your out east that much more than out west, take a closer look at the AC50's.  Frankly your last sentence gave your requirements away "something to grip and carve". 
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 Both the Bridge and Mantra are good choices and can definitely grip and carve. The only time they don't excel in the Northeast is on bullet proof days for which the AC50 would definitely be better.
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The Bridge is a really nice ski. It's really nice for the trees and its fairly stiff so it does well in the crud. They are defiantly not a park ski, they are an all mountain ski that someone threw twin tips on, which works perfectly for me. I can ski the whole mountain but i still have the option of doing some tricks if the powder isn't good. Don't worry about they twin tip, they are a very nice ski. Highly recommended ski.

hope this helps!
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Dude the bridge is a great ski. It will hold an edge almost as well as any other carving ski. I mean really your free skiing you don't need to be making precision turns like racers. Personally I don't think I will ever go back to owning traditional alpine skis again. Twin tips are way more versatile and look way cooler  However, bob4snow is right the AC50 will carve better, but I think for what you want to do the Bridge is more then perfect. Its a great ski having a width of 92mm. Good for western pow, and for eastern pow, but not to wide when you get on the hard pack. All around wicked good ski...
Thought about getting a pair myself this year but instead I got the Prophet 90s...
Anyway hope this helps....
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lastly, im 5'5" 160lbs and a level 8 skiier I would say.  161 would be the length to go with right?
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Originally Posted by SBM27 View Post

lastly, im 5'5" 160lbs and a level 8 skiier I would say.  161 would be the length to go with right?

   Yeah  I would think so
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Keep in mind that you lose 10 cm due to the twin tips. Volkl has sizing charts available.Also, if you do decide on the 161, there is a pair on ebay right now for $350 buy it now.
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Originally Posted by SBM27 View Post

lastly, im 5'5" 160lbs and a level 8 skiier I would say.  161 would be the length to go with right?

I lean more toward the 169 ( I think that's a size they come in) because when I got my 169's I was like 5'10 and 155lbs and thats what the ski shop guy recommended. Remember like Daveski said you loose quite a bit of length due to the twin so go 5-10cm longer than a ski which isn't a twin.

good luck
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I am 5'7 163 and I opted for the 169 because it will ski like a 160 with the twin tips. Hope this helps
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