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Is it a problem, or are they just new?

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This season I treated myself to a new pair of boots, and for the first time a proper fitting. The boots are a full shell size smaller than their predecessors; they felt extremely tight when they were fitted, but the tech advised that this was correct and they'd soften up as I broke them in.

At the end of my second full day on the slopes, I'm becoming a bit concerned. The boots are now very comfortable around my shin and calf, but my toes on both feet are feeling crushed at the sides. Hard turns, in particular jump turns, are quite painful. The same spots on the boots are tight but not uncomfortable when I'm not actually skiing.

I bought my last boots a decade ago and wasn't skiing regularly at the time, so they didn't get a true break-in. With little experience of breaking new boots in, I'm not sure whether it would be jumping the gun to go back to the store now. How long does it typically take to break a boot in? Should I give it longer before getting them checked out? The snow is a dream at Whistler right now, and I want to be able to make the most of it...
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     Since your fitter advised---" the boots would be tight till broken in"--- you accepted the tightness across the forefoot.  Go back to him and have him check the fit across the forefoot and stretch the shell to fit if needed.  This should be an easy fix.  Footbeds?
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Thanks for the advice - I'll do that. I wasn't sure if it was too soon to be concerned, but the top half of the boot has settled in really nicely whereas I'm not finding any change in the way the foot feels.
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are you using a VERY thin sock?
not walking around with the boots?
toe buckles loose or 100% off?
upper buckles, snug to keep your heel down and back in the boot.

as long as the boot feels better each time you use it, and/or you can wear it for longer each time, you are on the right track.

You would not go on a 30km hike with new hiking boots, same thing with a ski boot.   Needs some time to pack out to your foot shape.
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the good news is it sounds like the correct shell size!  your toes are not hitting the front during your athletic maneuvers and no mention of heel movement during jumpturns.  if it is only the sides a little judicious recontouring of the sides of the shell should be the solution and a good boot fitter can accomplish this with ease!  enjoy the boots!  enjoy the POW!
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Mntlion - I've tried the boots now with both thin and thick socks, and the toes did feel a little better with the thinner sock. Walking from the parking lot to the lifts and back again, but not much more than that. Toe buckles fastened loosely, and upper buckles snug. The rest of the boot has definitely been improving each time, but not the pressure on the sides of the toes - I think my foot is just a little too wide for the shell there.

Sandy - yes, front of the toes and heels seem to be doing fine regardless of how hard I'm skiing - it really is just the one spot that's the problem. I think it's time to visit Can Ski again and get them fixed up. We haven't been short of powder to enjoy so far this season, that's for sure.

Thanks all for your advice; since it's been so long since my last pair of new boots, I appreciate having some informed opinions! 
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I took the boots to a technician today, and he was awesome - he actually spent longer with me looking at the problem spots than the original tech did fitting the boots! Came away with a slight shell stretching over each of the problem spots, a very nice set set of footbeds that should correct a small alignment problem that I wasn't even aware of, and a few other minor adjustments. Just walking back to the parking lot felt a million times better. I'll be interested to see how this translates to the slopes, as the discomfort was definitely hindering my ability to ski at full capacity.

Thanks for your advice and suggestions!
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